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What skills are taught?

Egerton University Ajira Digital Club (EU-ADC) being a club associated with the national Ajira Digital program, is guided by a curriculum that include several knowledge areas.  These skills are meant to expose you to the many opportunities that are in the online space. In brief, the knowledge areas that are taught include the following:

a. Data Entry/Management

Training in data entry/management imparts skills and insights on data entry and Management jobs which include analysis processing, data mining, encoding and conversion.

b. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provide support services to other businesses from a remote location.  Such work include E-mail and Social Media management, customer service, event management, financial management, managing appointments/errands

c. Transcription

Learn how to be a transcriber and do captioning jobs that range from writing captions for YouTube videos to working on closed captions for a movie or a big brand’s marketing videos.  There are several other opportunities that also include providing audio and video recordings conversion into text, for example business transcription among others

d. Digital Marketing and Commerce

Learn how to promote and sell products and services by leveraging on online marketing tactics such as social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email marketing, Analytics, etc

e. Writing and Translation

Learn about online writing and translation jobs that include articles and news, editing and proofreading, web content, industry specific expertise, books, research, blogs, copy writing and industry specific work.

The above knowledge areas are classified as some of the common and major areas that the introductory level entails. You cannot study all of them together. You pick what interests you and pursue the length and breadth of the opportunities therein.

Later you will get the opportunity to learn about other platforms and opportunities to gain more skills designed to increase your abilities and make you more competent at what you do to earn more income.  As you will learn, you bid for jobs online. That means, you not only need to have skills required to do the job you bid for, but you also need to prove to the one offering the job that you are more competent that the rest. This is what you get trained on.

If you visit, you will find additional free courses that are designed to impart additional skills to you so that you become more proficient at what you do.

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