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Office of the Dean of Students

The Dean of Students coordinates all the activities of the department and represents the department in the University Senate and other organs of the University. The office offers its services through various sections namely:

  • Dean of students Office – Headed by the Dean of Students
  • Counselling section –Headed by Coordinator
  • Sports and Games section - Headed by Coordinator
  • Chaplaincy section- Headed by the University Chaplain
  • Student Leadership Development Program - Headed by Coordinator
Prof. D. Odero-Wanga
Prof. D. Odero-WangaDean of Students - Egerton University

Services offered in the department include:

  • Counselling,
  • Overseeing Student Union activities,
  • Registration of Clubs,
  • Career Advise,
  • Public Lecturers,
  • Recreational Activities and Financial Aid,
  • Coordinating HELB activities,
  • Orientation of new students and
  • Conflict Resolution among others.

SeAll these activities are managed by the Dean of Students Management team that includes:

  • The Dean of Students
  • Assistant Dean of Students-Welfare
  • Assistant Dean of Students-Academic
  • Assistant Dean of Students-NTCC
  • University Chaplain
  • Coordinator, Counselling
  • Coordinator, Sports and Games
  • Coordinator, Student Leadership Development Programme
  • Senior Administrative Assistant

The Mandate of the Department of Student Affairs

  • To develop, nurture and promote an enabling environment that supports and enhances both the academic pursuits and other development processes of
  • To offer services that cater for the general welfare of
  • To develop and implement programmes and activities that assist students to develop their physical, psychological, social, and spiritual and leadership capabilities.
  • To liaise with other University Departments to ensure that each and every student achieves his/her full potential and prepare them for the challenges of
  • To serve as an advocate for students by assuring that interests of students are served in strategic aspects of University
  • To develop a community life by designing programmes and activities that nurture and encourage a strong sense of belonging among students, staff and the surrounding
  • To promote and expand knowledge about the characteristics of students and the factors that affect their growth and success, and also advise the rest of the university fraternity on the same as deemed necessary for the welfare of


The overall goal of the Programme is to develop a holistic leadership among students which will impact not only on the University community but also on the society as a whole.

Its terms of reference are to:

  • Evaluate and recommend students innovations for development
  • Train and equip students with appropriate leadership skills in light of the demands of the modern world
  • Provide professional empowerment to students in career development and to link them to the job market
  • Supervise, monitor and evaluate students' projects under the Student Leadership Development Programme
  • Nurture a culture of responsibility, accountability and exemplary leadership within the student community
  • Advise and guide students in regard to sourcing of funds for projects
  • Equip students with the entrepreneurial skills required for successful business practices and
  • Undertake any other duties relating to the Student Leadership Development Programme as may be directed by the University Management Board.

The Programme has four objectives:

  • To develop innovation creativity and investment in relation to use of resources among students.
  • To develop a culture of environmental cleanliness conductive for healthy
  • To provide opportunities for students to apply acquired knowledge and problem-solving skills in the
  • To involve students in improvement of the image and corporate responsibility of the University.


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