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Egerton University Student Association - EUSA

There exists a student government formed by all student of Egerton University. The students’ body exists and is organized as EGERTON UNIVERSITY STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (EUSA) recognizing the authority of the Egerton University Act 2012 and the current statutes. Membership to the association is for any person registered into a programme of study for an undergraduate degree, diploma, postgraduate degree or any other programme of study duly and expressly recognized by the Senate and Council and offered by Egerton University.

Aims and Objectives of EUSA

EUSA aims to;

  1. Ensure and work for the students’ rights through representation at all organs of the
  2. University and hence the means through which the students’ opinion shall be channeled to the relevant authority.
  3. Strive to make a constitution towards the promotion of the academic freedom.
  4. Be the means through which the students’ sense of responsibility, leadership qualities and other talents shall be identified and enhanced.
  5. Strive to foster the spirit of unity and understanding among students, between students and the university administration, members of the university staff and the general public, and facilitate interaction among students, between Egerton university students and members of other universities, institutions and organizations with similar interests.
  6. Foster students’ awareness and participation in national and international social, economic, political and environmental issues.
  7. Foster student awareness of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of Kenya.
  8. Strive to fulfill the noble objectives of the university, research, pursuit of knowledge and community service.
  9. Ensure equal gender participation in students’ affairs at the university.
  10. Work to contribute to the promotion of education in Kenya.
  11. Encourage continued co-operation among former Egerton university students throughthe alumni Association.
  12. Be committed to holding free and fair elections.
  13. Endeavor to achieve its objectives devoid of political, social religious or racial bias.
  14. To raise funds through any lawful mean of purposes of achieving the aims and objectives of the ASSOCIATION.
  15. To seek, enhance and maintain the freedom of conscience, expression, Association,
  16. academic liberty and all the rights and privileges accruing to members by virtue of their humanity, age, sex, citizenship and any other relevant criteria.
  17. In consultation with the University Management, to honor members of the students’
  18. body who have made outstanding contributions to the University in academic and co-curriculum activities.
  19. Work together with other interested partners on disability issues to enhance awareness within the University community and its environs.

The Organs of EUSA:

  1. Students’ Governing Council (SGC)
  2. Students’ Parliament
  3. Campus Representative(s)
  4. The Class Representatives Assembly
  5. The Reconciliatory Committee

The Students’ Governing Council (SGC) is the chief administrative and managerial organ of EUSA. SGC comprises of:

  1. The Chairperson
  2. Vice Chairperson
  3. Secretary General
  4. The Treasurer
  5. Three other members to represent special interest of students
    1. Director Academics
    2. Director Students’ Welfare
    3. Director Gender and co-curricular activities


The overall goal of the Programme is to develop a holistic leadership among students which will impact not only on the University community but also on the society as a whole.

Its terms of reference are to:

  1. Evaluate and recommend students innovations for development
  2. Train and equip students with appropriate leadership skills in light of the demands of the modern world
  3. Provide professional empowerment to students in career development and to link them to the job market
  4. Supervise, monitor and evaluate students' projects under the Student Leadership Development Programme
  5. Nurture a culture of responsibility, accountability and exemplary leadership within the student community
  6. Advise and guide students in regard to sourcing of funds for projects
  7. Equip students with the entrepreneurial skills required for successful business practices and
  8. Undertake any other duties relating to the Student Leadership Development Programme as may be directed by the University Management Board.

The Programme has four objectives:

  1. To develop innovation creativity and investment in relation to use of resources among students.
  2. To develop a culture of environmental cleanliness conductive for healthyliving.
  3. To provide opportunities for students to apply acquired knowledge and problem-solving skills in thecommunity.
  4. To involve students in improvement of the image and corporate responsibility of the University.

Location of the Offices

Counseling Office B in Njoro Campus next the KCB Egerton Branch.


For all your inquiries contact the SLDP Coordinator at the office indicated above.

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