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The Egerton University Management Board (UMB)

The University Management Board is chaired by the Vice Chancellor. Members of the Board comprise of the following chief officers of the University: The Deputy Vice Chancellors (Academic Affairs; Administration, Planning and Development; and Research and Extension), the Principal Nakuru Town Campus College (NTCC), the Registrars (Academic Affairs and Human Capital & Administration), the University Librarian and the Finance Officer.

<a href='eprofile/11337'>Prof. Bernard O. Aduda</a>
Prof. Bernard O. AdudaDeputy Vice-Chancellor
(Academic Affairs)
<a href=''>Prof. Richard Mulwa</a>
Prof. Richard MulwaAg. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Planning & Development)
<a href='eprofile/18724'>Prof. Bockline O. Bebe</a>
Prof. Bockline O. BebeAg. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Extension)
<a href='eprofile/18170'>Prof. Joshua O. Ogendo</a>
Prof. Joshua O. OgendoPrincipal, Nakuru Town Campus College
<a href='eprofile/18285'>Prof. Mwanarusi Saidi</a>
Prof. Mwanarusi SaidiRegistrar (Academic Affairs)
<a href='eprofile/11091'>Ms. Stella Kereto</a>
Ms. Stella KeretoAg. Registrar (Human Capital & Administration)
<a href='eprofile/18169'>Prof. Nancy Mungai</a>
Prof. Nancy MungaiAg. Director (Research & Extension)
<a href='eprofile/12297'>Mr. Charles Wanjohi</a>
Mr. Charles WanjohiAg. Finance Officer
<a href='eprofile/17494'>Ms. Janegrace Kinyanjui</a>
Ms. Janegrace KinyanjuiUniversity Librarian
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