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How does Ajira relate to program/course l am pursuing?

I have heard many students ask this question so many times.  Between the chicken and the egg which came first?  Irrespective of the program, you are studying, the future works online.

Hypothetically speaking, a person who is studying environmental science does a lot of research online as part of academic requirement.  Aimed with content writing skills such a student will have skills to publish own or hired content in his/her domain.  This can be well researched content related to environmental science he/she can be a blogger on a niche in the specific domain supporting other professionals in the specific field.

So is the case with students pursuing computer science.  There are very many online jobs that require people who are proficient in logo design among other simple graphics related work, website development, programming jobs in various languages, social media management, search engine optimization, etc, etc.

Every field has a slot in the online space to learn this and more the first step is to acquire the skill that will allow you to swim in the internet space.

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