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How do I make money through online work?


It is easy to earn money through online work. There are many ways to do that. To begin with you need some skill and to know that there are many legitimate and illegitimate sources online that all claim to help you make money.

At EU-ADC, we show you the correct path to follow, teach you how to fish and hold your hand until you are able to catch your first fish.

To do this, ensure you;

  • Join Egerton University Ajira Digital Club (EU-ADC). Click here to fill a form
  • Enroll for one of the courses
  • Practice and accept to be continually mentored
  • Be patient and consistent while learning the process
  • Begin earning income
  • Acquire more skills to be more proficient and henceforth bid for better paying jobs.
  • Help a brother/sister by mentoring like you were mentioned.
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