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41st Graduation Booklet

 The 41st Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees and Award of Diplomas. read more..

41st Graduation NewsLink

In the course of the development of any cultural institution that is worth its name, there are invariably sign posts that it leaves behind. The sign posts attest to its most important achievements and... read more..

39th Graduation December 2018

Statement by Amb. Dr Hukka Wario, PHD, CBS, chair of council, Egertion University on 7th December on the occasion of the 39th Graduation Our Guest of Honour, the Honourable Cabinet Secretary for the M... read more..

Speech By Prof. Rose A. Mwonya

DELIVERED ON FRIDAY, 7TH DECEMBER 2018 DURING THE 39TH GRADUATION CEREMONY   Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Chancellor Egerton University, Chancellors of other read more..

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