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Nakuru Town Campus College (NTCC) Management Board Meeting

Members of the Nakuru Town Campus  College (NTCC) Management Board pose for a group photo after a meeting on Monday, 19 July 2021 at NTCC. The NTCC Management Board comprises Deans and Directors of Faculties, Institutes and Schools with courses based in the campus. The Board holds meetings every quarter at the NTCC Boardroom to discuss issues affecting students and make general managerial decisions for the campus.

In attendance during the meeting that was chaired by Prof. Daniel Auka (Ag. Principal NTCC) were Prof. Paul Kimurto (Director, Marketing & Resource Mobilization), Prof. Nzula Kitaka (Director Board of Postgraduate Studies), Dr Ruth Aura (Dean, Faculty of Law), Dr Brian Lishenga (Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences), Dr Janet Kirui (Rep. Dean Faculty of Commerce), Mr Job Kipkebut (Coordinator Library Information Science), Ms Anne Mootian (In-charge Finance NTCC), Dr Samuel Nyamweya (Ag. Dean of Students), Dr R. Sitienei (Ag. Deputy Registrar, NTCC), Ms Evelyn Koech (Exams and Timetabling) and Ms R. B. Khaemba (Administrative Assistant, Principal’s Office).

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