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Welcome to the office of the registrar (Academic Affairs)’s webpage.  We are committed to provide timely and quality service to our current and prospective students, linkages as well as our current stakeholders.

Official email address and telephone numbers:


Functions of Office of the Registrar Academic Affairs

  • Implementing policy guidelines on planning, development, and management of academic programmes;
  • Coordinating all processes concerning the admission of students to the University and the maintenance of student records;
  • Overseeing curricula implementation, as well as rules and regulations governing academic programmes;
  • Coordinating continuous assessment and final examination;
  • Working in consultations with the Deputy Vice-Chancellors and other Registrars on staff development, training, and research programmes;
  • Serving as the Secretary to the Senate and to the following Committees: Deans Committee, Students Welfare Committee, Students Disciplinary Committee,Graduation Committee, and Library Advisory Committee.
  • Undertaking other responsibilities that may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics, Research and Extension) in accordance to Statutes 7 and 8.


The office is headed by the Deputy Registrar (Academic Affairs) on behalf of Registrar (Academic Affairs) who is in charge of Admissions, Transcripts and Records Office.

  1. Admissions Office - Students Admissions
  2. Transcripts Office - Issuance of transcripts
  3. Records Office - Managing students records.
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