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22nd Aug, 2022


Launch Of Parents / Guardian Portal

Egerton University Parents/Guardian Portal has been established as web-based system that provides parents and guardians direct communication and support to their children while at Egerton University. The Portal is linked to Student information system in Student Portal. The main goal of the Parents/Guardian Portal is to make information readily available to parents and Guardians, keep parents connected to academic and their sons/daughters campus life and also partner together with University for the student's educational success. The portal provides parents/guardians with key student information, announcements, up-to-date news and important University calendar dates e.g.

  • Student Registration details; Reg no, program,
  • Academic Progress: Transitions, academic results, Resits etc.
  • Fees payment trackingg. fees payments, balances etc.
  • Academic calendarsg. examination dates, opening dates, resit dates
  • Nature of Disciplinary casesg exam cheating, stealing, drugs, violence, strikes, destruction
  • Parents Feedbacks: parents’ concerns

Registration Process

  • This portal will be used by both current and new parents for 2022 academic year
  • Registration by the parents will be done during Y1 registration in August 2022.
  • Parents will be required to register in the portal using mobile Number, Email address, ID and student Registration number.
  • The portal can easily be viewed on a mobile device or a computer vide through the University link:
  • A parent/guardian will have to sign into the system before they input the details.

Parents  should sign into  and follow 6 steps for registration and log into parents portal. Contact Email: and

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