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Call for students proposals for MSc research (technical and social sciences) on water-related issues in the Nile Basin

14th June, 2022

Proposal Steps?

The call is open to technical sciences as well as social sciences on water issues, and promotes interdisciplinary research.

Step 1: As an applicant you should already be enrolled in an MSc programme at your home university, discuss with your MSc. thesis supervisor if she/he is interested in this exchange activity.

Step 2: Based on your initial research-idea, through your MSc research supervisor, contact the representative for this exchange programme of the hosting university you would like to visit. Together you will finalise your 3-month exchange visit research proposal.

An initial list of partner institutions is included at the end of this advert for the joint 3-months scientific exchange, you with the support of your supervisor will create the link with the partner university which will host you as an exchange programme student for a 3 months period.

If you would like to do your research with a university in the Nile Basin that is not in initial list of partners, please send us an email)

Step 3: Develop a proposal, (see requirements below) and share this with the support project Management via e-mail (application deadline 15th July 2022):

Step 4: The Project Management and the steering Committee will assess all applications and identify who receives funding.

Step 5: We will help you through your university with preparing your travel and flight arrangements, and for the 3 months that you will spend abroad in the selected hosting university.

Step 6: When you finalise and hand in your thesis, share a blog for our website, and develop a research article for Nile Water Science & Engineering Journal

Step 7: You will present your research at the bi-annual conference & we invite you to join the alumni group.

How to Apply?, before 15th of July 2022

  • Application letter, including why you are interested to join the programme (1 page)
  • Updated CV (Max. 2 pages)
  • An initial research proposal (Max. 3 pages), including:
    • Topic, area of research, proposed methods, and preferred hosting university.
    • Name of your MSc thesis local supervisor, name of your contact person at the hosting university (supervisor at hosting university) and your name with and signature.
    • Include a preliminary work plan and budget for field work (excl. costs of living).
    • Email the application documents approved by your MSc thesis supervisor and contact person at the hosting university and include them in cc, to

To request the research proposal template and partner universities contact persons email us:



The programme offers financial support for:

  • International travel (based on actual costs)
  • Living expenses for 3 months (DSA will be provided for food, living costs based on actual costs of university)
  • " There are limited funds available for fieldwork if applicable” (the funds will be allocated based on submitted work plan and budget and based on actual costs, (advance will be provided based on budget)
  • Accommodation: Students will live at the premises of the hosting institution or advised hosting facility.

Since each research is different, we ask students to make a realistic budget for the costs of their fieldwork. The budget will be assessed by local experts and recommended adjustments are advised when required.


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