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AgriENGAGE Summer School

26th January, 2022

Announcement for AgriENGAGE Summer School

Are you an Agriculture student interested in Agribusiness and entrepreneurship? 

Would you like to exchange ideas, forge partnerships and share best practices with agribusiness professionals and other Agriculture students from several countries? If you have a strong motivation to participate in a flexible, interactive, and deeply engaging learning experience, then register in the AgriENGAGE summer school.  

AgriENGAGE Summer School is fully taught in English. The program is designed to host students from several African universities by UM6P in Morocco. Applications are open to students with agriculture backgrounds from both the Bachelor and Masters Programmes!

The summer school will be held for fifteen days in the summer of 2022. With the guidance of AgriENGAGE project experts and professors, Agriculture students will have the opportunity to develop an agripreneurial mindset, hone and sharpen their agribusiness skills.

The workshops will introduce the students to strategic and design thinking, systematic innovation, and business modeling besides training on communication and other soft skills necessary for successful Agribusiness experts, and entrepreneurs.

In the course of the workshops, the participants will put their learning into practice by developing entrepreneurial projects addressing the key problems faced by agricultural sector stakeholders in Africa, including farmers, NGOs, government, and industry. The projects developed by the participants will be presented by the end of the Summer School in an open Restitution Day. 

Upon completing summer school, the participants will earn a certificate.

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