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  • The Faculty of Agriculture was honored to host Dr Susan Wyche from Michigan State University (MSU) for a one-week visit to Egerton University that ran from 1 to 8 March 2022. Dr. Susan held a public lecture for staff and held a 3-day training workshop on “Considering Human-Centered Design (HCD) in Development Research” to students from diverse backgrounds including in Computer science, Agronomy and Engineering disciplines at CMRT building, Njoro Main Campus.

  • You are invited to talk under Egerton University and Michigan State university collaboration under African Alliance for Partnership (AAP),Futures Research Leadership program talk by Prof. Paul Kimurto .He will be giving talk on Role of  innovative Agricultural Technologies in Sustainable Food Sysytems and Peace Building Among Poor-Resource Small Holder farmers in Africa.

  • Exploring Africa's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

    African countries are experiencing exponential growth in the youth population. However, economies are not creating new wage-earning jobs fast enough to absorb the growing workforce. This, coupled with the seasonal nature of labor demand, leaves many skilled youths in a crisis. Fostering entrepreneurship has become a key pillar to expanding employment opportunities for youth since it creates employment prospects for young people, builds ingenuity and resilience, and builds their demographic dividend but is yet to be fully harnessed. 

    Governments, the private sector, higher education institutions, and communities realize existing gaps and opportunities and are making advancements toward creating a viable ecosystem for the socio-economic participation of the youth through entrepreneurial support. However, the efforts are unsustainable due to the short duration of youth empowerment initiatives, an excessive emphasis on supply-side training, insufficient or non-existent financial solution support, and a tenuous connection to viable market opportunities. With more youth joining the labor force, African countries have a window of opportunity to achieve both economic growth and livelihood development if the right social and economic investments and policies are made to support the youth entrepreneurial ecosystem. These investments will allow young entrepreneurs to create jobs, train other youth, make a difference in their communities, and create or expand markets by providing goods and services. They will also catalyze young African ingenuity by supporting and expanding their enterprises.

    Join entrepreneurs and experts from Egerton University, Michigan State University, and some of Africa’s emerging entrepreneurs through the Alliance for African Partnership (AAP) Public Dialogue to discuss and appreciate the challenges surrounding youth and entrepreneurship and opportunities for the sustainable development of the youth entrepreneurial ecosystem. The session will cover the strategies to support youth in entrepreneurship, building equitable synergies, sustainable investments in youth entrepreneurship, and policy dynamics around supporting youth entrepreneurship, among others                                       

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