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  1. F.O. Amulaka, R.S. Pathak, M. Cakir, J.N. Maling’a, and R.M.S. Mulwa*. (2013). Development and Characterization of Wheat Germplasm with Combined Resistance to Russian Wheat Aphid and Stem Rust (race ‘ug99’) in Kenya. Accepted in American Journal of Plant Sciences.
  2. F.O. Amulaka, R.S. Pathak, M. Cakir, J.N. Maling’a, and R.M.S. Mulwa*. (2013). Yield Evaluation of a Wheat Line with Combined Resistance to Russian Wheat Aphid and Stem Rust Race ‘Ug99’ in Kenya. Accepted in American Journal of Plant Sciences.
  3. Kimurto P.K., Mulwa R.M.S., Towett B.K., Cheruiyot E.K., Gangarao R., Silim S., Rutto, D.K., Kirui G., Gaur P and Varshney R. Screening for Drought and Pod borer (Helicoverpa armigera) tolerance in selected Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) germplasm in Semi-arid areas of Kenya. Accepted Egerton Journal of Science & Technology.
  4. Kitonga-Mwanza, L.M., Swiader J. and Mulwa, R.M.S. 2011. Evaluation of SPAD Chlorophyll Fluorescence for Onsite Nitrogen Assessment in Drip Fertigated Sweet Corn. Journal of Applied Horticulture, 13(1): 13-17
  5. Mulwa, R.M.S., Norton, M.A. and Skirvin, R.M. 2010. Plant Regeneration via Somatic Embryogenesis from Leaf and Floral Explants of ‘Chancellor’ Wine Grape. Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology, 20(2): 157-170
  6. Gesimba, R.M., Struve, D.K., Rhodes, L. and R.M.S. Mulwa. 2010. The effect of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Passiflorae on wilt development in Passiflora species from Kenya. Bots. J. Agric. Appl. Sci, 6 (2):41-48.
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  18. Lilian A. Gogo, Kennedy O. Gogo, Peter L. Shalo , Symon M. Mahungu (2012): Effect of Egg White Utilization on the Physico-Chemical and Sensory Attributes of Protein-rich Yoghurt. International Journal of Food studies |IJFS Vol. 1 pages 52-60
  19. Adongo Onyango John, Omolo O. Josiah, Njue W. Alice, Matofari W. Joseph (2012): Antimicrobial activity of the root extracts of Tylosema Fassoglensis Schweinf. Torre & Hillc (Caesalpiniaceae). Science Journal of Microbiology Research article Vol. 2012 (2012) issue 2
  20. Job O. Mapesa, Nadine Waldschmitt, Ingrid Schmoeller, Carolin Blume, Thomas Hofman, Symon Mahungu, Thomas Clavel and Dirk Haller (2011): Catechols in caffeic acid phenethyl ester are essential for inhibition of TNF-mediated IP-10 expression through NF-kB-dependent but HO-1- and p38-independent mechanisms in mouse intestinal epithelial cells. Mol. Nutr. Food Res. 2011, 55, 1-12

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