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Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Chancellors of other Universities present Chairman, Egerton University Council Council Members, Egerton University Chairpersons of councils of other universities Vice Chancellor, Egerton University Deputy Vice Chancellors, Egerton University Vice chancellors of other universities All invited Guests, Members of staff, graduands, parents and guardians Ladies and gentlemen, It is my pleasure and privilege to preside over this 42nd graduation ceremony and to take this opportunity to thank all graduands for their achievements, dedication, hard work and perseverance that has culminated into this graduation ceremony. I know you have made a mark for yourselves. As a University we join you in celebrating your achievements on this day. It is my prayer that you shall put your knowledge at the service of humanity and that with the help of your contributions the country and the world at large shall be a better place for you and the generations to come. Allow me also to take this opportunity to thank the University Council, the University Management, staff, students and the whole university community for their tireless efforts that has culminated into this occasion. Well-done and continue doing this good work for the growth and economic development of our motherland Kenya.


The infection curve has recently steepened as young Kenyans are getting infected rapidly due to socializing with no regard to protection. I urge all the graduants and university students to keep healthy by practicing healthy habits, for example taking healthy diet, keeping fit by daily exercises and walking.

Keep yourself busy and your young minds occupied by being helpful to your parents and guardians at home. Help in the shamba, do house work and take care of your family’s economic activities.

To the graduands and all students, do not resolve or get involved in substance abuse, criminal activities and idling. As the saying goes an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
In all your undertakings take precaution and always observe the government stipulated directives of social distancing, wearing of face masks, avoiding crowded places, sanitizing and washing hands with soap and water frequently.
The Government will not watch or police everyone. Always protect your loved ones and close associates from this deadly disease by observing these simple practices which will intern save lives. It is a personal responsibility and not the Government’s, plan your life keeping in mind the situation at hand. We cannot keep doing things normally, extra care is needed to save our lives.

This is a difficult time but I am confident that we will get out of it together. I reiterate we shall overcome this pandemic together and I am happy to say that this situation will not last forever. As His excellency the President stated, The Government will not close the country to preserve the economy but it is our individual responsibility to preserve our health. We have faith that the economy will be back on its feet again and businesses will start opening, whereby you will have the chance to apply the knowledge you have acquired throughout your years in the university.

As a university we stand in solidarity with the health workers, who are infected by Covid-19 while treating our brothers and sisters. Some medical workers have lost their lives We pray for their families for God to give them comfort and strength.

I appeal to each one of us to lend a hand in one way or another through humble donations of food supplies, drugs, medical equipment and financial support so that the less privileged people in society can be helped and saved.

I urge you to leave to the University motto of Transforming Lives through quality education by creating a world where there will be, no unemployment, no poverty and no extremism and each day the world would be safer, better and healthier than on previous days.

Ladies and Gentlemen, You are graduating from a University with rich history having been founded as Farm school in 1939 by Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton. This University has given us many leaders in Politics, in Finance and also in Business. Many Governors and Cabinet Secretaries have been products of this institution. I am sure one day you will be the future leader and the business men and ladies from this great university. I take this opportunity to thank our donor partners, the National Government, County Government, the World Bank, the MasterCard Foundation, USAID, the European Union, the Chinese Government and many more who have continued to supplement the efforts of the University. We say thank you. Ladies and Gentlemen, In conclusion I urge you to keep walking because the journey has just started. Opportunity is waiting for you. Remove failure from your dictionary, be the ambassador of this great University and our motherland Kenya.

Remember to stay safe because we need you for tomorrow. I once again congratulate you graduands and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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