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At Egerton University, we work SMART, with diligence, discipline and strict adherence to applicable laws and regulations in Kenya and the world.

Prof. Isaac Kibwage, DVC - APD

DVC APD SPEECH - First Years Orientation

Monday 31 August 2020 

To all students reporting for their maiden study at an institution of higher learning, welcome to Egerton University.

Congratulations for earning your slots to pursue your studies at this great institution. As you probably know already, Egerton University was founded in 1939 as a Farm School by Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton, making it the oldest institution of higher learning in Kenya.

Today, the University is the pre-eminent University in the training of Agriculture and related disciplines, churning out qualified graduands who attract high demand in the labor market.

At Egerton University, we work SMART, with diligence, discipline and strict adherence to applicable laws and regulations in Kenya and the world.


Governance of the Division and Students Welfare 

The Division of Planning, Administration and Development superintends over functions that cater for the welfare of staff and students. These include:

  • Directorate of University Welfare Services (UWS) which is headed by the Director, University Welfare Services, who coordinates operations at the Halls of Residence, Catering department and the Disability Mainstreaming Office. The Students’ Halls department is headed by a Chief Halls Officer while the Catering department is headed by a Chief Catering Officer;
  • The University Medical Centre, which is a Level 3A medical facility, is headed by the Chief Medical Officer. Students are assured of proper medical care on campus.
  • The Water and Sanitation department is headed by a Resident Water Engineer. This department ensures continuous provision of clean water throughout the university.
  • Security department is headed by a high ranking Chief Inspector of Police who also acts as the University Chief Security Officer. He coordinates all security organs in the University including the outsourced private security company and the government provided security officers from the National Police Service, hosted on campus.
  • Transport department headed by the Transport Officer. This department facilitates all transport logistics for the University including students’ academic trips, field visits and sporting activities off campus.
  • Estates department is headed by the Estates Manager. It is at this department where repairs of furniture and fixtures are handled to ensure sustained comfort of students.



The University is able to host 60% of its students on campus hostels. Students have an option of seeking accommodation facilities outside the campus in the neighboring community. Because of the Government guidelines and regulations to contain the spread of Corona virus pandemic, university hostels are set up to host a total of 5000.

The accommodation plan is such that students have options to stay in whichever hostel they prefer. Prices range from Ksh.2500 to Ksh.5500 per semester. To get a slot in a preferred hostel, the University facilitates students to book through an online platform on first come basis.


Students Conduct

Students are expected to abide by the rules and regulations governing student conduct while at Egerton University. These are contained in the Student Information Handbook given to all students on admission.



Dress code should be as detailed in the Student Information Handbook. Generally, students are expected to maintain high level of personal hygiene. This is especially key during this period of COVID-19. The University has set up hygiene protocols in hostels and other public areas that are expected to be observed at all times.

You are encouraged to wear your fascial masks at all times and avoid unnecessary gatherings that go against the provided guidelines on physical/social distancing.

Your living areas should always be kept neat and in order to keep away transmittable ailments.

Corruption & Integrity Issues

Students should refrain from acts of corruption and conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity.

The University treats acts of corruption as criminal and cases identified are handed over to the National Police Service for prosecution.

You are urged to avoid giving false information of any form to authorities. Both statutory and University regulations will be applied to deal with those who negate principles of integrity.

Social Life

  • Survive the “Freshers” web. Choose well. You will succeed or fail 100% individually. Appreciate that you are a student and do what is required of you.
  • Social groups: Never adopt "anything goes mentality". That will be the beginning of the end for you. Shun bad company and be prudent
  • Personal conduct & with others/staff/administration should always be official. High decorum is expected of you.


Drugs and alcohol are a global problem with devastating consequences on health, security, safety and culture of the institution. Alcohol and substance abuse is prevalent among students. Those found engaging in these vices are traced, arrested, prosecuted to instill discipline.

The University has a policy Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Liaise with the office of the Dean of Students and the Directorate of University Welfare to familiarize yourselves with the document to be on the safe side.

Theft of property belonging to colleagues and the University is criminal and punishable by expulsion from the University. Use only what belongs to you or officially allocated by the University.


HIV/AIDS is rife in the student community and you are encouraged to follow the ABC rule to protect yourselves. VCT services are available at the University Medical Centre. ARVs are provided to those infected. Students should not shy away from these services.


Facilities and Resources

Protection and preservation of University resources and facilities (books, vehicles, Furniture, Equipment, Materials, etc) is the responsibility of every student.

These are the resources that are key in delivering the quality education the University provides.

Penalties accompanying loss, misuse and damage of University property will apply.


COVID-19 Pandemic

Egerton University is prepared to deal with cases of COVID-19 identified on campus. An isolation center has been set up and activities here are coordinated closely with the Nakuru County COVID-19 Response Team to handle emergency cases.

The University has established a COVID-19 Monitoring and Response Taskforce which is charged with the responsibility of coordinating activities geared towards preventing the spread of the virus in line with the Government Guidelines and Regulations.

Adequate water and soap will be availed at all public areas to ensure students wash hands regularly.

You are required to cooperate with the security personnel at the University entrances when they stop you for screening purposes. The idea is to detect and isolate people suspected to be displaying symptoms in order to stem the spread.

Note that unnecessary movement in and out of campus will be kept at minimum.

Problem Solving

Whenever you need assistance on campus you are encouraged to contact the following officers:

  • Dean of students
  • Director, University Welfare Services
  • Heads of Department
  • Students’ Counsellor
  • Respective Faculty Deans/Directors

Always remember to be your Brother/Sisters keeper. Reach out to your colleagues who may be undergoing challenges.

The University uses various modes of communication. Wireless internet hotspots are installed in strategic areas around campus. These are aimed at helping students leverage on technology to access online academic resources.

Various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp are also employed to make communication reach intended recipients.

The other way the University often communicates to the public is through its website which also hosts a variety of important university policies and guidelines.

Best wishes to each of you on the start of your professional academic journey

God Bless you all.

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