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 I strongly encourage you to associate and interact with other young people who come from different backgrounds-racial, cultural, social class, linguistic, ethnic origin, or geographical background-someone with views, ideas, beliefs, and perspectives different from yours.

Prof. Rose A. Mwonya, VICE-CHANCELLOR




Deputy Vice Chancellors,

University Management Board Members,

Members of the University Senate watching virtually,

Members of Staff present and watching virtually,

Students watching virtually,

All fresh men and women watching virtually,

Ladies and Gentlemen.



On behalf of the Chancellor, University Council, Senate, members of staff and students, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the first virtual orientation programme of the University. The orientation of student is a very important activity in the calendar of events of this university and as a result we still have it even during COVID19.

As we assemble here today on this auspicious day, it is my privilege and great pleasure that I welcome you all to Egerton University, the Premier Agricultural Public University in Kenya. I am delighted that this is where you would like to spend your next three to six years. Allow me to also congratulate all of you for making it to the top cream of Kenyan intellectuals and for having secured an admission at this institution of higher learning- a world class university for the advancement of humanity. I know you have been chosen among many who were competing for the few placements available. Your admission to Egerton University marks the climax of a long and treacherous journey which you started many years ago. However, this journey is going to be different. Your high school journey was largely managed by your teachers, family, parents and guardians among others. Now you will not only be the sole manager but also become sole critic of yourself. You can determine the direction of this journey.

I want also to congratulate your parents, guardians, sponsors and other well-wishers for their efforts that has enabled you reach this far.  We have been waiting expectantly and preparing for your arrival. Once more welcome.


 Egerton University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Kenya. It was founded as a Farm School/ Agricultural college in 1939 by Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton, a British national who settled in Kenya in the 1920s. Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton donated 400 hectares of his land to the government of Kenya to set up a school to train large scale farmers in Kenya highlands. In 1986, Egerton College became constituent college of University of Nairobi. In 1987 Egerton College became a fully-fledged university by an Act of Parliament. In 2013 Egerton University was granted a charter as per 2012 Universities Act. Currently the university offers sixty-nine (69) undergraduate degree programmes, twenty (20) diplomas, sixty-seven (67) masters, five (5) post graduate diploma programme, and fifty-two doctoral programmes (52). It has forty-four (44) departments in eleven (11) faculties with over 2000 staff members (academic, administrative and support staff) and about Fifteen Thousand (15000) students spread across Njoro campus, Nakuru Town Campus, Nairobi City Campus, Mpeketoni and Kenyatta campus.  Among our iconic facilities is Lord Egerton Castle located seven kilometers (7 km) away from Njoro campus along Eldoret –Nakuru road. I hope you will find time during your stay to visit the Castle.


Egerton University has a well-organized management structure with the Chancellor as the Head of the institution vested with the powers to confer degrees, and award diplomas, the University Council which makes policies governing the operations of the university. The University Management Board charged with the daily operations of the university. The senate which comprises the University Management Board, Deans, Directors, Chairmen of Departments and Full professors are charged with the responsibility of running the academic programs, examinations, academic calendars, student matters, admission of students and graduations.


 Ladies and gentlemen, Egerton University envisions to be world Class University for the advancement of humanity and as such it provides a beautiful, peaceful, rewarding, socially exciting, friendly and enriching environment for quality academic performance. Our responsibility (yours and ours) is to enhance the already pre-eminent standing of our University as an outstanding institution of higher learning and academic excellence. Through our teaching and learning we seek to produce graduates who are knowledgeable and skilled, critical, democratic citizens, ethical leaders who are committed to passion for excellence, devotion to duty, integrity, accountability and transparency, professionalism and social fairness


Take your academic work seriously: Always observe Examination Regulations while you are studying at the University

  • Attend all your lectures on time and without fail
  • Do your assignments promptly and submit them to your lecturers on time
  • Check the examinations timetable twice; confirm the venue and the time of your exam again and again – misreading of the timetable or oversleeping are not acceptable as reasons for missing an exam
  • Avoid the temptation to cheat in the examinations because the consequences of being found guilty of examinations malpractice are severe. This may be the surest way to terminate your studies prematurely. DON” T TRY IT!


Understand the system:  note that you are a single folder in an ocean of student folders, so be ready to understand and fight for your rights- whether it is registering for your classes, correcting a grade, sitting for a resit understand the procedures and follow them to the latter.

 Discover your passion and pursue it. Your time in Egerton University will be one of the freest and most exciting in your life. It is an opportunity to discover who you are and what your passion is. Be sure to find your passion and pursue it with dedication and commitment. It’s going to be a time of transition, a time of adjustment and a time of change. You must now take responsibility for your future and all that you do. University life is a time for learning and self-discovery. There will be no bell ringer, yet you must keep time.

Surround yourself with productive and positive people. Your education and personal growth and development will be stunted if you surround yourself with only those who share your beliefs, ideas, perspectives, world view, and have similar life experience as you.

 I strongly encourage you to associate and interact with other young people who come from different backgrounds-racial, cultural, social class, linguistic, ethnic origin, or geographical background-someone with views, ideas, beliefs, and perspectives different from yours.

Be willing to share your ideas. You must keep an open mind and be willing to subject your views, beliefs, opinions, assumptions, and ideas to scrutiny, tests and interrogation. We want you to use the power of reasoned argument, logic, and debate to explore differences with view to narrowing them down, breaking new ground and enhancing and deepening shared understanding. We want you to develop the ability and capacity to analyze, to reason, with evidence, to reflect and argue using knowledge.

At Egerton we value and treasure your individuality. We appreciate different ways of thinking, different ways of seeing things and different ways of being. We encourage and support dissent and contestation of ideas. We want you to develop the ability and skill to question, to challenge conventional wisdom and contest the facts.

Engage in outreach for personal and academic growth. Egerton University does not exist in vacuum –we exist within particular social, economic, cultural, political and historical context. Our community engagement endeavors to take knowledge beyond the confines of campus into variety of social domains. I urge you to use the knowledge gained in the course of your study in Egerton to enrich and make a difference in society through outreach programmes.

Engage in productive and meaningful relationships.

Be friends with everyone and seek counsel from the counselling office to enable you have responsible relationship. Ladies avoid unwanted pregnancies, avoid violence, sexual harassment of the opposite sex, drug and substance abuse and casual sex that may expose you to contracting HIV/AIDS. I urge you to avoid bad company and negative influences that may lead you to these ills.

Actively look for information rather than waiting for the information to be provided.

The learning process in the university is different from what you were used to in your secondary education. As university student you will be expected to play an active role in looking for information rather than expecting lecturers to provide it. I urge you to make good use of the resources available in the lecture halls, library, resource centres and the halls of residences.

Adhere to the set rules and regulations. The University is governed by rules, regulations, procedures and processes guiding your conduct, relationships, academics, rights and obligations during your stay in the university. Make sure you have students hand book and rules and regulation booklet. I urge you to seek help whenever you encounter any problems or challenges. Make use of excellent counselling services in the office of the Dean of Students and Academic Advisors whom you will be assigned in your respective departments. I urge you to utilize these channels to solve your problems in peaceful, democratic, and in civilized manner. Avoid the use of riots and other reactive methods that may lead to disturbances in campus.

Manage your time well.  Utilize your time well while on campus to achieve your potential. Remember there are a lot of expectations from your parents, government and the society at large. Do not disappoint them. Take your time also to involve yourself in worthy causes such as advocacy for social justice, peace building activities and other voluntary activities. I urge you to make time to interact with others in professional clubs and associations, sports, religious and cultural activities.

Lastly, keep your faith in God while you are in the University, do not turn away from your spiritual life just because you have come to University; trust in God to take you places that you may have never dreamt of before. 

Closing remarks: a word of encouragement


Finally, my sons and daughters. I’m aware that most of you are anxious to be physically present in the University and are wondering how the University looks like, the complexities about the structures of the university, the various programs offered and the resources available. I trust that very soon the pandemic would be over, and life would get back to normal and we expect to see you here physically. It’s my wish and prayer that   through the orientation programme staff from various departments have address most of your anxieties and introduced you to the resources and information that will make your stay at this university a rewarding experience. Get hold of your academic advisors and lecturers and follow them for advice. Choose your friends wisely, respect yourself and others. Live well with your roommates and make friends with people from Kenya, Africa and the whole world who are all here in Egerton. Let us each do our part to make EGERTON the place of mutual respect that will enable all of us to be our best.





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