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Mr. Marube Charles Getanda is a lecturer at the department of commercial law, Faculty of Law, Egerton University. He holds a Bachelors degree in Law (LLB) from Nairobi. University, Kenya (1994); a Postgraduate Diploma from The Kenya School of Law (1995) and a Masters degree (LLM) in Corporate Law and Finance from Widener University School, USA (2004). Currently he is the chair of Public Law, Faculty of Law, Egerton University. He is a former Examination and Timetabling officer of the faculty of law, Egerton University. He has supervised a number of undergraduate students in their research papers and a few at the postgraduate level. Mr Getanda has also undertaken courses in conflict resolution in particular mediation and arbitration. He has written and published in employment law, criminal justice system and arbitration among others. He is a member of a number of professional associations.

  1. 2004 Master of Laws (LLM) in Corporate Law and Finance ; Widener University School of Law (USA)
  1. 1995 Postgraduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law
  1. 1994 LLB from Faculty of Law Nairobi University


  1. Corporate Law
  2. Financial Services Law
  3. Procedural Laws
  4. Human Rights
  5. Alternative Dispute Resolution



1995/1996    Qualified and admitted as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya

2006    Certified secretary by The Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of

                        Kenya (ICPS)

2012                Certification of participation in pedagogy and academic Advising Workshop. Egerton University.

2013                Certified Professional Mediator by MTI East Africa

2014                Certified Mediation Tutor by MTI East Africa

2015                Certificate in International Arbitration by CIArb

2017                Certificate in Advanced Family Mediation Course by MTI East Africa

2018                Certificate Advanced Mediator by MTI East Africa

 2019          Certificate of Mentorship in Mediation by MTI East Africa

  1. 2019 TO DATE: Chairman of Department of Public Law Egerton University
  1. 2016 – 2019: Examination officer and Timetabling, faculty of Law Egerton


  1. 2013 To date : Lecturer Faculty of Law, Egerton University
  1. 2012 – 2013 : Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Kisumu Campus, Nairobi University In charge of student Judicial Attachment.
  1. 2010 – 2013 : Lecturer, Department of Business Management, Masinde Muliro

University of Science and Technology

  1. 2006 – 2010 : Assistant Lecturer, Department of Business Management,

Masinde Muliro University of science and Technology (MMUST)


Faculty Law: Legal Aid Project

  1. Alternative Dispute settlement Systems
  2. Victim –offender Mediation
  3. Rights of an accused person
  4. WTO Dispute Settlement System


  1. LABOUR LAWS (Principles, structures and practice) By Oira & Getanda (2014).This is a textbook written for labour law students at all levels. It is ideal for students specializing in human resource management. This book is written as a course book labour law and labour relation captures the new labour laws that came into force in 2007 and also the labour relations as contained in our constitution 2010.
  1. FAIR TRIAL AND RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED PERSON: By Getanda and Oira. (2016). This is a booklet containing a summary of the rights of an accused person while under arrest by the police and during a criminal trial. The rights considered are those contained in our constitution 2010, International Instruments and other domestic statutes. The booklet is ideal for the general public and law enforcements officer.
  2. CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM (An introduction to Criminal Justice system in Kenya). By Getanda and Oira (2016). This textbook ideal for students doing criminology, criminal law lawyers and law enforcement officers.
  3. MEDIATION – GENERAL PRINCIPLES: By Getanda & Oira. (2017). This is a book that deals with the basics of mediation as an alternative to litigation


  1. M C Getanda (2016): “The Birth of World Trade Organization” International Journal of Scientific research and Innovative Technology (IJSRIT) ; Vol. 3 No. 10 October, 2016, ISSN:2313-3759, Pg 19-44:
  2. Marube C Getanda (2017): “Board’s Discretion to withhold payment of Dividends: Should American Courts set Standards of Limitation?”: International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology (IJSRT) ; Vo 3l No 3, March 2017, ISSN: 2313-3759, Pg 76-91:
  3. Charles Marube Getanda (2017): “Democratizing World Trade Organization: What Role Would Non-Governmental Organizations Play at WTO?”: International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology (IJSRT) ; Vol 4 No 9, September 2017, ISSN:2313-3759,  Pg 50-60:
  4. M C Getanda (2019): “Illegally Obtained Evidence: Which way for Kenya Courts?” International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science (IJLASS) : Vol. 7 No. 11 December 2019, ISSN:2307- 924X, Pg60-66:
  5. Marube C Getanda (2020): “Techniques of saving Time and Costs in Commercial Arbitration Proceedings”: International Journal of Arts and Commerce (IJAC): Vol. 9 No. 6 June 2020, ISSN:1929-7106, Pg 25-31:

National Legal Aid Conference at Naivasha 9-12 December 2020

  • Criminal Law
  • Law of Evidence
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Contract Law
  • Commercial Law
  • International law and Trade
  • Banking Law
  • Labour Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Legal Research and Writing
  1. Name of student: RAPANDO MALALA JUSTIN.

Title of Thesis: Assessment of Financial Return Method in Evaluating Training and Performance in Sugar Companies in Western Province, Kenya.

Year of Graduation; 2011

Supervisors: Dr Stanley N Mutsotso and Mr. Charles Getanda

University: Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology; Department of Business Management.


  1. Name of Student; OCHARO KEBIRA

Title of Thesis: Influence of the International Labour Organization’s HIV/AIDS code of Practice on Private Sector Organizational Policies in Bungoma County.

Year of Graduation: 2016.

Supervisors: Dr Stanley N Mutsotso and Mr. Charles Getanda.

University: Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology; Department of Business Management.



1. Law Society of Kenya

2. Rift Valley Law Society

3. East Africa Law Society


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