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Prof. Anthony Kiplangat Sang

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Educational Management
Box 536 Egerton





PhD in Educational Management

University of Cape Town South Africa,


Master of education (M.Ed.) in Education Administration.

Dalhouse University, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Bachelor of Education (Arts) degree

University of Nairobi

  • Education Management
  • Leadership
  • Policy Studies


Title of Certificate

Institution Awarding

March 2018

Training on Impact Evaluation

PASGR (Partnership for African Social and Governance Research

March 2018

Training on Advanced Research Design.

The Modules were;

·         Designing Social Inquiry,

·         Critical Policy Encaged Research,

·         Multi-Methods Strategies and

·         Ethics for Social Science Research


August 2013

Orientation to Case Study Teaching Course


August 2013

Alternative Pedagogical Approach


August 2013

Curriculum Development for Collaborative Master of Research and Public Policy Programme


September 2008

University Academic advising training

Egerton University

August 2005

In-house Training on Financial Management for Egerton University Deans and Heads of Department



2013 to Date

Associate Professor of Educational Management, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya

2009 to 2017

Chairman of Department- Department of

Curriculum, Instruction & Education Management

2009, March to 2013

Senior Lecturer and Chairman of Department- Department of

Curriculum, Instruction & Education Management


2009  to 2013

-External Examiner- College of Education, University of Nairobi, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, and Kabarak University


 External Examiner- Dar-es-salaam University College of Education


Coordinator Teacher Education Programme, College of Open and

Distance Learning. -Chairman, Faculty Publication committee,

Faculty of Education Egerton University

2005 – 2006   

Chairman, Department of Educational Administration and Planning,

Egerton University.


Lecturer, the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Education

Management, teaching both Masters and Undergraduate students.

1991 – 1992

Assistant Lecturer- Department of Education Administration and


Examination Officer – Department of Educational Administration

and Planning.


Assistant Lecturer, Kenya Technical Teachers College Nairobi.

Taught teachers pursuing Diploma in Education Certificate course.

1986 – 1987

Examiner, Kenya National Exam Council

1986 – 1988

Graduate teacher III, Kabianga School, Kericho,

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  • Educational Management
  • Higher Education
  • Performance management ,
  • strategic planning,
  • Policy, Design,
  • Impact Evaluation & Analysis
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June 2008

Attended and participated in a training on Corporate Governance Course held at Hotel Cathay, Nakuru.

24th September 26th Sept. 2008.

Facilitated a Pedagogical workshop held at ARC Hotel, Egerton fr

September 2008

Participated in University Academic advising training held on 2nd September 2008 at CMRT Egerton University Njoro

12th-22nd November 2007.

Participated in a workshop on the development of Distance Learning material held at Egerton University, Njoro on 12th-22nd November 2007

August 2005

Attended an In-house Training on Financial Management for Egerton University Deans and Heads of Department, conducted by FKE at ARC Hotel, Egerton University on 4th August 2005

October 2003

Participated as a resource person in the Applied course for school Administrators and Management in Nyahururu in

  • Education Management
  • leadership
  • Policy Studies
  • Research
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  1. Member of OSSREA
  2. Member Kenya Education Management Society of Kenya

Prof. Joseph Bosire

DVC Academic affairs,



Dr. Thomas Serem,

Registrar, HCA

Egerton University


Prof. Joash Kibet

University of Kabianga

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