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Staff Information
COD, Senior Lecturer
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Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
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Agricultural Engineering
P.O Box 536-20115 Egerton

2013-2016: Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Agricultural Engineering, Egerton University, Kenya.

2005-2008: Master of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering

1998-2004: Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering,  (2ndClass, Upper Division)

1992-1995: Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E), Tala High School, passed

1983,1990-1991: Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) Kamuya Primary

1984-1989: Primary education - Kalia Primary School (standards 1 to 6)

  • April 2018-Date: Senior Lecturer - Teaching, development of lecture manuals, development academic programs, drafting Research Proposals, research implementation,  and Concept notes
  • 2013-April 2018: Lecturer - Egerton University. Teaching, development of lecture manuals, development academic programs, drafting Research Proposals, research implementation,  and Concept notes
  • 2009-2013: Assistant Lecturer  - South Eastern Kenya University. Teaching, development of lecture manuals, development academic programmes, drafting Research Proposals and Concept notes
  • 2008-2009: Lecturer (Part time) - Egerton University, Faculty of Engineering & Technology. Teaching, development of lecture and practical manuals. Organizing and participating in conferences and seminars,
  • 2005-2008: Tutorial Fellow and Demonstrator - Egerton University, Faculty of Engineering &Technology
  • Teaching, instructing, preparing manuals, conducting Engineering Practice, organizing and co-coordinating seminars
  • 1999-2002: Teacher Carmel Girl’s Secondary School.Part-time Teaching, guiding and counseling students
  • 1995-1997: Teacher, Kamuya Primary School. Part-time Teaching, guiding and counseling students
  • 1996-1998: Teacher St. Josephs Boarding primary, Mbiuni. Part-time Teaching, guiding and counseling at the school


  • 2018-Date: Chairman of the department of agricultural engineering department - Coordinating general activities involving students and staff
  • 2018-Date: Member of the university senate - Attending senate meetings and representing the department
  • 2018-Date: Member of faculty management board - Attending meetings and participating in faculty of engineering management activities
  • 2018-Date: Appointed to university international conference committee - Participating in organizing conference in the university and representing the faculty of engineering and technology in the committee
  • 2018-Date: Chief examiner and head of the department - Coordination of academic activities within the agricultural engineering department
  • Chairman of the board of examiners
  • 2018-Date: Chairman of the board of examiners - Chairing the proposal defense for postgraduate students
  • 2018-Date: Member of faculty board examiners for thesis and proposals - Participating in faculty board of examiners for proposal/thesis defense
  • 2018-Date: Member of board of examiners for postgraduate student thesis - Representing the senate (that is being a Senate representative) in postgraduate thesis defense for selected theses
  1. Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) on Validation of mechanized soil and water conservation approaches for sorghum production in the ASALs of Kenya (budget KES 9,313,857), Co-PI of the project
  2. Strengthening Capacities for Agricultural Education, Research and Adoption in Kenya  (SCARA) SCARA-Appear Project-Funded by Austria Government, team member of the project, completed in 2019
  • Hydrological and drought modeling and or simulation
  • Forecasting water resources systems/hydrological events using artificial neural networks
  • Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  • Natural Resources Management using GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Climate Change and its Impact on Water Resources
  • Science, Innovation and technology development in Water Resources Engineering/ Agricultural Engineering
  • Sustainable Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
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  1. Higher education partnership for sub-saharan Africa (HEPSSA). Theme; university-industry collaboration and delivery of engineering academic programmes in the wake of covid-19 pandemic, organized by Moi University, 4th -5th February, 2021, Merica Hotel, Nakuru Kenya (Virtually attended)
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Undergraduate Teaching

  • Teaching undergraduate Bachelor of Science students in Agricultural Engineering, Water and Environmental Engineering. This include students in their third, fourth and fifth academic years of study. The teaching involve both theory and practical in various courses mainly Engineering Survey, irrigation and drainage engineering, research methods, Agricultural and Domestic Waste Management, hydrology
  • Teaching of other undergraduate students undertaking Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension, Horticulture, Agriculture, Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine. The main courses are Soil and Water Management Farm Structures, Water Resources Development, Agro-climatology

Selected Undergraduate Projects Supervised

  • Design, fabrication and performance testing of a motorized Potato chipper 2015
  • Design of a rotating drum briquetting machine 2016
  • Design of gravity filtration system for Dewatering human sludge 2016


Postgraduate TeachingT

  • eaching postgraduate students training for Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering, Water Resources and Environmental Management, Soil and Water Engineering. The teaching include theory and application of courses such as Research Methods, Hydraulic Structures, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering.
  1. Francis Musyoka. MSc. Title ‘Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Hydropower Generation in Kenya’: (MSc Water Resources)-Completed 2016
  2. Brian Omondi, Msc. Title ‘Modelling the Impacts of Expansion of Mwea Irrigation Scheme on the Flow Regime of Thiba River, Kenya Using HEC-GEOHMS/HEC-HMS’Completed-2017
  3. Johnstone Mainye, Msc TitleModelling the Effect of Rainfall Magnitude on Runoff, Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield in Sosiani Catchment In Kenya Using ArCSWAT’ ‘Completed 2017


Theses Being Supervised

  1. Kilongosi C. M. MSc. Title ‘Estimation of Crop Water Requirement and spate irrigation demand using remote sensing and geographic information system in Kwenia sub-catchment, Kajiado County’ completed 2019
  2. Tobias Omulo Odhiambo MSc. Title ‘Characterization of spatial and temporal agricultural drought using satellite-based indices in Lake Baringo basin, Kenya-on-going
  3. Leah Amisi, MSc Title, Response Of Event-Based Soil Hydrological Functioning To Land Use In Upper River Njoro Catchment, Graduated 2019
  4. John Twesige,  MSc Title, Hydrological Response to Land use and Land Cover Change (LULC) in Katonga River Basin, Uganda,( MSc Water Resources- PAUWES) completed 2019
  5. Kinyanjui S. M. MSc Thesis title, Modelling Surface Water Flow for Ungauged Sites Within the Upper Mara River Catchment Using Geomorphologic Characteristics, on-going
  6. Nyokabi E. W. MSc Thesis title, Evaluation and Forecasting of Hydrological Drought Using SDI and SWSI In Malewa River Catchment, on-going
  7. Amisi E. MSc Thesis title, Evaluation and Forecasting of Climate Variability Impact On Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Stream Flow in River Njoro Catchment, Kenya, on-going
  1. Lateiro Salvador de Sousa, PhD, Thesis Title hydraulic and operational performances of Chókwè irrigation scheme in Mozambique, in view of sedimentation - PhD on-going



  1. Kenya society of agricultural and biological engineers (KESEBAE) - Member (MIAgrE)
  2. Registered as an international Member of Institution of Agricultural Engineers (MIAgrE) as a member in 2016 (Membership No. 42668) - Grad. Engineer
  3. Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) 2011 registered as a Grad. Engineer with EBK (Membership No. B 6731) - Member
  4. The World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC), registered as a member in 2007 - Member
  5. Registered with the Kenya Society of Agricultural Engineers (KSAEw), 2007 - Member
  6. Registered as a Member of Eastern Africa Water Association (EAWA), 2008 - Member
  7. Registered with Greater Horn of Africa Rainwater Partnership (GHARP) Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA): Promoting Rainwater-Harvesting and Utilization, 2011
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