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Prof. Julius Kipkemboi is a Lecturer at  the Department of Biological sciences, Egerton University. He holds  a BSc in Botany/Zoology (Egerton University, Kenya-1995), a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Technology (IHE Delft, The Netherlands- 1999) and Ph.D in Environmental Science ( UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education/Wageningen University, The Netherlands-2006). Currently he is the Director of Examination and Timetabling at Egerton University, formerly Dean, Faculty of Science. He is an associate professor of aquatic sciences at Egerton University and the coordinator for the UNESCO Regional Bioethics Centre as well as the UNESCO Bioethics chair at Egerton University He has attended several training on ethics such as the UNESCO Ethics teacher training (2007), Assisting Bioethics committee training (UNESCO ABC, Nairobi-2011) and  Training of Training on ethics teaching (UNESCO-,Paris- 2015). He is also currently serving as a member of the National Bioethics Committee(NACOSTI) and the chair of Egerton University Research Ethics review committee. He has been involved in several collaborative projects and has won scholarships and grants such as NFP fellowships, Marie curie individual fellowship programme and International Foundation for Science grant. He has supervised several undergraduate and post graduate students and has contributed to global scientific knowledge platform through scientific publications. He is member of several professional associations.

  • 2006: PhD in Environmental Resources, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education/Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • 1999: MSc Environmental Science and Technology, International Institute for Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering (IHE), Delft, The Netherlands
  • 1995: BSc (Botany/ Zoology option) Egerton University, Department of Zoology, Njoro Kenya

Other post graduate training courses

  • 2009: Certificate online course on constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education..
  • 1997: Postgraduate Certificate Training in Limnology, Institute of Limnology, Mondsee, Austria.
  • 1997: Certificate in Parasitology: Water as a source of diseases for Men and Animals, Institute of Parasitology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
  • 2007: UNESCO Ethics Teacher training, Egerton University
  • 2015: UNESCO ToT for Ethics Teacher Training, UNESCO Paris
  • 2018: Environmental Impact Assessment Course, Egerton University
  • Wetland ecology and management
  • Integrated aquaculture-agriculture systems
  • Water quality analysis and nutrient dynamics
  • Aquatic Resources economics
  • Socio-economics analysis and livelihoods assessment
  • General and applied freshwater ecology
  • Ecological modelling and Environmental systems analysis
  • Environmental systems assessment
  • Bioethics
  1. Society of Wetland Scientists
  2. Eastern Africa Water Association
  3. EIA Lead Expert, NEMA
  4. Guest Editor Frontiers in Environmental Science
  • 2019 - date: Director Examinations and Timetabling, Egerton University
  • 2015 - 2019: Dean, Faculty of Science, Egerton University
  • 2013 - date: Associate Professor, Egerton University, Department of Biological Sciences
  • 2009 - 2013: Senior Lecturer, Egerton University Department of Biological Sciences
  • 2007 - 2019: Coordinator UNESCO Regional Centre for Documentation and Research on Bioethics/ UNESCO Chair Bioethics- Egerton University
  • 2007 - 2008: Guest Lecturer for Wetland Ecology and Management for MSc students at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, National University of Rwanda 2007/2008.
  • 2005 - 2009: Lecturer, Department of Zoology, Egerton University
  • 2000- 2005: Assistant Lecturer, Department of Zoology, Egerton University
  • 1996 - 2000: Teaching Assistant, Department of Zoology, Egerton University

Ongoing projects

  1. Validating Climate-Smart Fish Culture Systems (CSFCS) for Increased Aquaculture Productivity and Livelihood Security in Kenya- Funded by KALRO/GOK/World bank
  2. Real-time Environmental Monitoring Using Innovative Wireless Sensor Technology: Using Lake Nakuru as a case study- Funded by National Research Fund, Kenya
  3. Real-time monitoring of water quality in River Njoro using innovative wireless sensor technology- Funded by Egerton University

Completed projects

  1. Evaluating Existence Roles And Functions Of Hospital Ethics Committees In Selected Level Five Hospitals In Kenya- Funded by Kenya National Commission for UNESCO
  2. Mau Mara Serengeti Sustainable Water (MaMaSe) Initiative – Kingdom of The Netherlands
  3. Nile Ecosystems Valuation for wise-Use  (Nile-Eco-VWU)-Funded by The Netheralnds
  4. EColive project: The  ecology of livelihoods in African papyrus wetlands: wetland conservation and utilisation in the context of local and climate change funded by UPaRF- DGIS
  5. Maraflows Project: Environmental Flows for People and Ecosystems in the Mara River Basin funded by UPaRF- DGIS
  6. Fingerponds: Seasonal integrated aquaculture in East African freshwater wetlands, Exploring their potential for wise use strategies.  Funded by European Union.
  7. Comparative study of the Root mat structure and Biology of Cyperus papyrus (L.) and Miscanthidiumviolaceum (K.Schum.) Robyns. in relation to Nutrient Dynamics and Wastewater Treatment, Funded by Netherlands Fellowship Programme.
  • Wetland ecology and Management
  • Integrated production systems
  • Sustainable natural resource management
  • Climate change effects on wetlands
  • Environmental systems analysis
  • Water quality Monitoring and technologies
  • Bioethics


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  • Research ethics and scientific innovation nexus: Unpacking the essentials paper presented at the Joint International Conference on Phytochemistry, Textile and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development. Theme: Advancing Science, Technology and Innovation for Industrial Growth on 11th - 15th August 2020, Sirikwa Hotel, Eldoret, Kenya paper presented by Julius Kipkemboi & Violet Naanyu
  • African Regional Conference For National Bioethics Committees Pride Inn, Mombasa, 12-14th February 2020
  • COVID-19 Bioethics Webinar for Eastern Africa Region, Theme: Managing Covid-19 pandemic within bioethics principles: A reflection of the current and future situation in the Eastern Africa Region. 13 May 2020 (10:00 – 11:30 EAT)


  • Moi Teaching And Referral Hospital (MTRH) Hospital Ethics Committee (HEC) Sensitization Workshop Held At MTRH Board Room From 1 1st-2nd October 2019


  • Bioethics cafe Jointly with Bioethics Society of Kenya: Topic: (1)Bioethics discourse - Principles, Application and Infrastructure in Kenya, (2) Research ethics in Kenya - From Principles to Policy, Egerton University, 2nd November 2018
  • Sensitization on Hospital Ethics Committees, functions, roles and responsibilities, Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi, 29th-30th October 2018.


  • Regional Conference, SDGs and the Role of Ethics in SADC: Promoting Bioethics, Ethics Education and Research in Gaborone, Botswana, 17- 18 October 2017


  • 6th Ethics, Human Rights and Medical Law Conference 10 June, Africa Health 2016:The Challenges of Corruption in ensuring Healthy Lives and Peaceful and Inclusive societies in Africa By J Kipkemboi
  • 39th WEDC International Conference held at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana on the 11th to 15th July 2016.


  • Training of ETTC Trainers to be held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, 9 -13 February 2015


  • Inception Workshop for the Ma Ma Se Water Initiative Programme, 27th January to 1st February 2014 at the Mara Serena and Seasons hotel in Narok


  • Professional Training “TEEB For Water And Wetlands”, Kampala, Uganda, 25th -27th November 2013.


  • 9th INTECOL Conference, Wetlands in a complex world, June 3-8, 2012, Orlando, FL, USA. Paper presented “Integration of ecological, hydrological and socio-economic data into a Bayesian Network model for the sustainable utilization of papyrus wetlands” by J. Kipkemboi and A.A van Dam.
  • Workshop on sustainable water resources management for Mount Kenya Catchment, 13-14th September 2012, Sportsman’s Arms Hotel , Nanyuki, Kenya. “ Paper presented “Constructed wetlands : background and potential contribution to sustainable water resource management” by J. Kipkemboi
  • The 7th Egerton University International Conference And Expo: 26 - 28 September, 2012, ARC Hotel, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya. Paper presented “A Bayesian network modelling approach for the integration of Eco hydrological and socio-economic data in Nyando wetland, Kenya “by J. Kipkemboi, Anne A.van Dam, M.M. Rahman, Patrick Khisa, Priscah J. Rongoei, Serena A. Nasongo.


  • Joint meeting of the Society of Wetland Scientists and Wetland Biogeochemistry Symposium 3rd -8th July 2011, Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic. Paper presented “Linking wetland ecosystem functions to livelihoods and ecosystem health in African papyrus wetlands: from DPSIR framework to Bayesian Network by A.A. van Dam, J. Kipkemboi2, M.M. Rahman, J.B. Okeyo-Owuor& A.F.M.
  • Trans-disciplinary framework for integrating ecohydrological and socio-economic data in Nyando wetland, Kipkemboi, Ecolive Project Annual, Workshop 2011, 23-25th May 2011-Kisumu Hotel.


  • The 5th Annual Research Week and International Conference Theme: Transformative Research for Sustainable Development 22nd – 24th September 2010, ARC Hotel, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya. Paper presented “An assessment nutrient flows and sustainability in Smallholder wetland-terrestrial farming systems at the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya by J. Kipkemboi, H.P. Luoga, A.A. van Dam, P. Denny.
  • Training on fundamental principles of Bioethics and their application, KCB Leadership Centre, Nairobi, Kenya,2010


  • Ethics programme description workshop for English speaking countries of East Africa and West Africa, 18-20th March 2009, Dakar Senegal.
  • Training workshop on University Academic advising, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya,2009,


  • Regional research and development Workshop “ Sustainable use and management of Wetlands in the Lake Victoria basin, East Africa, 26 and 28th March 2008, Gihindamuyaga, Huye, Butare, Rwanda “ Wetland resources and management issues in Kenya” by J. Kipkemboi


  • 2ndEgerton University Research week Workshop and International Conference 2007. Bridging the gap between Research and National Development, EgertonUniversity, Agriculture Resources Centre (ARC) 17-21st July 2007.
  • Training on Biological water quality monitoring, Sunset Hotel, Kisumu, Kenya, 5th-16th November 2007.
  • UNESCO Ethics teacher training Course, Egerton University, Njoro Kenya2007
  • Training Workshop; The EU Research Framework Programme (FP7), UNEP, Nairobi, 28th-30th November 2007.


  • International Wetlands, Water and Livelihoods Workshop at St. Lucia, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, 29th January- 3rd February 2006.
  • Fingerponds Project EU-INCO (ICA4-CT-2001-10037. Fingerponds Project wrap-up workshop, EgertonUniversity, Agriculture Resources Centre, 10-12 May 2006.
  • Egerton University Research week Workshop 2006. Bridging the gap between Research and National development, EgertonUniversity, Agriculture Resources Centre (ARC) 17-21st July 2006.
  • East African Water Association (EAWA) workshop ‘Bridging Research, Technology and development: Sustainable water Resource Management in Eastern Africa’ Tiwi Beach Resort, Ukunda, Mombasa, Kenya, 4-8 December 2006.


  • 7th INTECOL International Wetlands conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 25th-30th July 2004.


  • First National zoological postgraduate conference, Kenyatta University, Kenya, 5th-8th August 2003.
  • Symposium of the East African-Austrian Water Association (EAAWA), Mukono, Uganda, 10th -13th December, 2003.


  • Fingerponds Inception Workshop, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 8-11 January 2002.
  • Fingerponds 2nd Technical workshop, Makerere University, Institute of Environment and Natural Resources, Kampala, Uganda, 3-8 December 2002.


  • EU INCO_DEV Fingerponds Technical workshop, Trebon, Czech Republic, 20-24 August 2001.
  • Training workshop on University teaching methods, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya,2001


  • International conference on Science and Sustainable Management of Tropical waters, Naivasha, Kenya, 11-16 April, 1999.

Grants and Awards

  1. International Foundation for Science Research Grant for Young Scientists in Developing countries (2003-2006)
  2. UNESCO fellowship on Post Graduate Training in Limnology, Mondsee, Austria (1997).
  3. Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP), IHE Delft (1998-1999).
  4. Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP), Ph.D. (partial scholarship), UNESCO-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands (2001-2005).
  5. European Union Marie Currie Individual Fellowship Award, UNESCO-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands ( 2002-2003).
  6. Post Doctoral Research Fellow- ECOLIVE Project  (2009-2012).


  • Wetland ecology
  • Hydrology
  • Integrated aquaculture-agriculture systems
  • Water quality analysis and nutrient dynamics
  • Aquatic Resources economics
  • Socio-economics analysis and livelihoods assessment
  • General and applied freshwater ecology
  • Projects and Seminars

Post graduate

  •  Ecological modelling and Environmental systems analysis
  • Wetlands for water quality
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Comparative limnology
  • Research projects
  • Research ethics


Grad. Yr, Institution,Name,Thesis title

2004,IHE Delft,Cyrus M Kilonzi, Effects of manure on sediments characteristics, nutrients dynamics and benthic macro invertebrates composition in lake Victoria Fingerponds

2005,IHE Delft,Luoga, H.P,Nutrient flows and ecological sustainability of Fingerponds in the wetlands of Lake Victoria, East Africa

2008,Egerton University,Susan Clare Adhiambo,Wetland influence on water quality in river Mereronyi, Kenya

2010,Egerton University,Koech Kiprono Henry,Assessment Of Treated Slaughter-House Effluent And Its Effects On The   Physico-Chemical Characteristics Of Surface Water in Kavuthi Stream, Dagoretti- Kenya

2010,UNESCO-IHE Delft,MM Rahman,Balancing  Ecosystem  Services  and  Livelihoods:  A  Study  of Nyando  Wetland,  Kenya  Using  a  Bayesian  Probability Network

2011,UNESCO-IHE Delft,Ruth Yatoi,A comparison of nitrogen uptake between a seasonal and permanent rooted papyrus wetland

2011,Egerton University,Mwagona Patteson Chula,Determination Of Macroinvertebrate Community Structure Along Different Habitat Types In Nyando Wetland

2011,UNESCO-IHE Delft, Kuenzang Tshering, Spatial Variation of Denitrification in Mara Wetland, Tanzania.

2012,Egerton University,Mbao Evance,The Effect  Of  Nutrient  Input On Algal Periphyton  In The Nyangores Tributary Of The Mara River In Kenya

2012,Egerton University,Mwanyika Fortinat Terewe,Assessment Of Heavy Metals Removal Efficiency Of A Constructed Wetland At Egerton University, Kenya

2012,UNESCO-IHE Delft,Justina Kasabila, Nitrogen fixation in papyrus Nyando wetlands, Kenya

2013,Egerton University,Outa James Omondi,Temporal and environmental conditions regulating biomass dynamics in water hyacinth and its effects on water quality in lake Naivasha, Kenya.

2014,Dorothy Nafula Makokha, UNESCO -IHE Delft, Assessment of the Efficiency of a Constructed Wetland Treating Domestic Wastewater

2014,Egerton/UNESCO-IHE Delft,Jully Seema Senteu,Optimisation Of Nitrogen Transformation And Removal Processes In A Hybrid Tropical Constructed Wetland Using Ecological Modelling Approach

2016,Egerton/UNESCO-IHE Delft,Christine W. Mburu, Kenya, Mesocosm Study On The Potential Use Of Vertical Sub-Surface Flow Constructed Wetlands For Removal Of Organic Matter In Slaughterhouse Wastewater

2016, Egerton/UNESCO-IHE Delft,Gadiel David Moshi,Assessment Of Wastewater Treatment Efficiency Of A Constructed Wetland At Finlays Flower Farm, Kericho, Kenya

2018,Egerton University,Dorothy Khasisi Lukhabi

Characterization Of Egerton University Wastewater Stabilization Ponds And Assessment Of Substrate Size Efficiency In Removal Of Feacal Pollutants

Submitted,Egerton University,Christine Nyagaya Owino,Assessment Of Greenhouse Gases Emission In Smallholder Rice Paddies Converted From Anyiko Wetland, Western Kenya

Submitted,Egerton University,Mary Florence Nantongo,Assessment Of Selected Water Quality Parameters, Heavy Metals And Pesticide Residues In Water, Sediments And Nile Tilapia Of Lake Nakuru, Kenya




Egerton University


Grace Ssanyu Asiyo


The Ecology And Production Of Clarias Species In Relation To Land Use Change In The Mpologoma Riverine Wetland, Uganda

Egerton University

Benson Obwanga

( In progress)

Optimization of high altitude fish pond production: a natural feed ecology approach


Risper Ondiek ( In progress)

Assessment of the relationships between hydrology, provisioning and water purification ecosystem services (ESS) in Anyiko wetland.

  1. Bioethics Society of Kenya
  2. Red Cross Society , Kenya

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