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Division of Research and Extension

Through the Division of Research and Extension, Egerton University conducts demand-driven research that generates new knowledge, technologies and innovations that benefit communities within and outside Kenya.

The research projects in the Division seek to provide practical/ innovative solutions to societal and global problems based on Kenya’s national policies and priorities as well as market needs. To address issues of food insecurity, for instance, Kenya needs to increase the productivity of its crops and livestock by using proper farm management techniques, planting high yielding and drought-tolerant hybrid seeds, giving adequate and balanced rations to our livestock, controlling post-harvest losses and ensuring value addition and efficient marketing of our farm products.

The University researchers endeavor to explain how this can be done sustainably. They also ensure that their research-based information is well packaged and effectively disseminated to the end-users in simple, easy-to-understand language. 

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Prof. Bockline O. BebeAg. Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Division of Research and Extension
Telephone: + 254 51 2217808 +254 51 2217808 ,
Fax: + 254 51 2217942
P.o Box 536 Egerton-Njoro

The Divisional staffs fully understand the importance of working together with all the stakeholders as a team and of information sharing. For this reason, the Division has established a functional network of partners/ collaborators in the public and private sector within and outside Kenya. Some of our partners work closely with our scientists in joint research, extension outreach and information dissemination initiatives and activities while others provide financial and material support for the research projects.

The Division’s major priority is to serve the public satisfactorily by promptly responding to their needs for innovations that make work easier, farms more productive, farm products easily marketed and household incomes and quality of life continuously improved. If you, your family or friends are looking for a University that will make a difference in your life by giving you reliable advice on how to make your farms benefit you better as a result of applying research-based technologies, Egerton should be your University of Choice particularly for issues related to agriculture and environment. For more information on how Egerton can serve you better with its pool of highly qualified, experienced and competent professionals, please contact the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Extension Tel. +254 708 489 256 or +254 775 015 388; email:

The Division of Research and Extension was established in 1987 and is mandated by the University to manage, co-ordinate, promote and facilitate research and extension. It is through these activities that new knowledge is generated, packaged and disseminated to a wide variety of end-users in fulfillment of the primary objective of the University. It is headed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Extension).


  • To engage in priority areas of research and consultancy.
  • Disseminate research findings to the scientific and industrial communities.
  • Develop appropriate technological innovations towards industrial development.
  • Productively participate in priority extension and outreach activities.
  • Promote and facilitate partnerships, networking, and collaborations with other institutions, industry and organizations.

Division of Research Flagship Projects

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