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DVC-R&E SPEECH: Welcoming Remarks to First Year Students -2020/2021 Academic Year

Prof Bockline Omedo Bebe

Ag Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Extension


I am very delighted to welcome you to this premier University. You are joining a Premier University, very committed to mentoring you in a process of transforming your lives through quality education.

I will explain to you what it will involve to transform your lives through education at Egerton University. First, let me tell you about the Division of Research and Extension, which I am currently heading.

We have three administrative divisions in the University- the Division of Academic Affairs, popular as AA; the Division of Administration, Planning and Development, popular as APD; and the Division of Research and Extension, popular as R&E. What the AA and APD are will be explained to you soon after me.

The Division of Research and Extension is responsible to the Vice Chancellor on matters pertaining to:

  • Research administration and coordination
  • Extension and outreach delivery including Seeds of Gold Magazine
  • Consultancy services delivery
  • Forging University –Industry partnerships and relations
  • Developing Lord Egerton Agricity
  • Vocational training
  • Documentation of research outputs
  • Planning and organizing scientific conferences
  • Planning and organizing University participation in Agricultural Shows and Exhibitions
  • Managing the University Botanic garden and conserving Njoro River
  • Managing the University Dryland research facilities

Our daily clients are researchers, actors from the industry, the government, external resource partners and students who are beneficiaries of research grant fellowships. I suppose that some of you are our immediate clients.

Let me now turn to my earlier promise, that I explain to you what it will involve to transform your lives through education at Egerton University.

The transformation process will involve investment lasting from two years to six years, depending on the degree programme you are enrolling in. It is two years if you are enrolling into a master degree programme. But it will six years if you are enrolling into a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree programme.  Other degree programmes fall in between.

The investment will be jointly between you the student and us the University. We will be needing additional investments from your parents and guardians. Also the continuing students you will be interacting with, and the government and resource partners globally.

On our part, we commit to mentor you, educate you, train you, motivate and inspire you, and to empower you. We also commit to reward you whenever you excel, exceed expectation, or emerge exemplary in your performance, both in curricula and extra curricula tasks. There are several kinds of rewards designed for you. You will be knowing about them and attached requirements in the course of your orientation and study programme.

On your part, uphold discipline, work honestly smart, be positive in thinking, visualize more successful outcomes in your education life at Egerton University, and prioritize positive actions for achieving those successful outcomes that you identify with.

On your part, dedicate yourself to a life of continuous self-improvement and growth. Of course there will be challenges on your way, but view those challenges as opportunities. Turn them into beneficial events in your life. Never give up in the face of challenges. The number of challenges you will overcome will shape your life that you want to live.

It is my prayer that the life you want to live is that of going after your dreams. Your dreams will remain valid –when you pursue them while guided by Egerton University core values. Let me share with you some of our core values: integrity, accountability, and passion for excellence, passion for conservation, innovativeness and creativity.

Today we are welcoming you on a virtual platform because of the unprecedented disruption of our lives inflicted by Covid-19 pandemic. However, it should not make our good plans, hopes and future become uncertain. At Egerton University, we are learning lessons quickly and responsively adapting to the new normal to assure our esteemed customers of continuous improvement in our curricula and service delivery in the Covid-19 era and beyond.

On your part, take good care of yourself, your health and your loved ones as well as your fellow students. Regularly and continuously update yourself with the advice, innovations and trends about COVID -19 in order that you will responsively adapt to the new normal culture.

As I end my welcoming address, I say Congratulations coming to grow here under our dedicated mentorship and inspiration.

May God bless you abundantly through your transformation journey to a great Alumni of the Egerton University.

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