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On behalf of the Division of Academic Affairs, I wish to share with you a resounding message of congratulations for the far that you’ve come. You have beaten the odds to join one of the best institutions of higher learning in Kenya, Africa, and beyond. I couldn’t think of any other place I would rather be. 

Prof. Alexander Kahi, DVC- AA


It brings me great joy to address our esteemed 1st Years - the latest addition to our Egerton University family. With the happenings of the year, Egerton University’s ability to water the dreams of thousands of individuals despite the constraints that stand, has stood the test of time. This orientation process goes to show Egerton University’s preparedness and motivation to dissipate education despite the circumstances that lie. 

On behalf of the Division of Academic Affairs, I wish to share with you a resounding message of congratulations for the far that you’ve come. You have beaten the odds to join one of the best institutions of higher learning in Kenya, Africa, and beyond. I couldn’t think of any other place I would rather be. 

Welcome to Egerton University! A university that is intent on transforming lives through quality education!

The Division of Academic Affairs thanks you, for choosing Egerton University and exercising a great deal of patience all through the induction process. I thank The Dean of Students’ office for going to great lengths to organize this orientation that has been fruitful in ushering you into their next step in life. The positive feedback garnered through the entire process sends back a message of a team prepared for academic empowerment and holistic growth.


Dear students,

This is the first orientation program of its kind for all of us even as a university. A few months back, none of us thought that we would be speaking to you from the back of a screen. But as life has it, there will always be the first of many things that will come our way. This realization calls for open-mindedness in our approach towards life and all that encompasses it. As a university, we are proud to say that we have steered conversations towards the incorporation of technology in the delivery of education for quite a while. To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a blessing in disguise is an understatement. 

The pandemic has opened our eyes to avenues that we for long thought were far out of reach. Starting with this virtual orientation, we are the first public institution in Keya to hold induction of students of such a massive scale online. I am proud to also share that we are also the first public university in Kenya to hold virtual graduation utilizing all virtual spaces successfully. We are also on course with online classes and have conducted several masters and PhD defences online. Now, many of the courses that best fit an online teaching module shall remain that way even after we beat the pandemic.

It is safe to say that we are on the right course towards advancing quality education. With you being central to this change, you shall also attend classes online for the better part of the foreseeable future until normalcy resumes. Even then, many of the courses and programs that best fit an online teaching module shall remain so. You will go into history books as being the first lot to fully start their learning program on an online basis.

Having this understanding and knowledge that the Division of Academic Affairs is directly charged with guaranteeing the academic well-being of our students, I, therefore, stand here to tell you that we are going to be with you every step of the way to guarantee your academic, social, and professional breakthrough. My office shall hold your hand through this journey and ensure that you are furnished with the best of quality education.

 Kindly note that the Division of Academic Affairs will determine your stay in this great institution since it is this division that is responsible for your academics and affairs at individual level including all extracurricular activities. This is the division that will recommend your recognition and commendations when you do well and punishment when you do observe our rules and regulations. I would urge all of you to ensure that you download the student handbook and our rules and regulations from the orientation website and read and understand them.


Our esteemed students,

I am sure you have heard a lot concerning Egerton University, our history, facilities, and everything that defines us. The people who spoke before me have shared to great lengths about how great Egerton University is. I can’t add anything more to what they have already shared. I second every sentiment because I am a product of Egerton University family and I am a testimony of the goodness of this great university. I was where you are 32 years ago.

I believe that you have joined a university with a track record of producing the finest individuals who change the conversations and steer the world forward. One thing is, however, central to all this greatness; the people. The entity that is pertinent to the luminous status of Egerton University is not its facilities or its hallmark position in academics and research. It is us – you included.

Our students, our lecturers, our other staff, and our extended community have a unique ability to express undying love and commitment in their undertakings in ways that surpass human understanding, and in many ways, bringing out the best of Egerton University. This spirit of belonging follows an Egertonian wherever they go and they do their best to make Egerton University stand out. This has always reflected well on us long after all has been said and done. Our passion for excellence and devotion to duty, as stipulated in our anthem, has made us stand out from the crowd as Egertonians

Given the great honour that comes with being an Egertonian, we now send back the responsibility to you to defend the Egerton University brand. Upon each of your heads rests a crown. And as we all know, “Heavy is the head that rests the crown”. Now that you identify as Egertonians, it is up to you to live up to the standard and if possible, surpass it. 

Someone might ask, “But how will I do this?”.

The answer is quite simple: Set out on a journey of innovativeness, integrity, professionalism, and every other core value that this great university is founded upon. Be sure to make good of any opportunity you have to better yourselves and the brand you represent. Explore your talents, break your academic limitations and exercise your God-given leadership in everything you partake of and don’t forget to be better versions of yourselves each day. 

By doing such simple things, you will have lived up to the great name that is Egerton University.

I am saying this with so much conviction because I understand that you did not make it this far because of luck. And neither did we. To be fair, no successful person makes it that high because of luck. Luck suggests success or failure brought about by chance rather than one's resolve. The far we have come, the milestones we have crossed, and the odds we have beaten to reach this far cannot be attributed to luck, but rather, the call to our dreams and our deliberate choice to chase them to attainment. That is why I urge you to move forward knowing that you are in great hands and that you have it in you to achieve all that you set out to attain. 

Dear first years, 

As you complete your orientation into Egerton University and embark on a journey of academic empowerment, I, once again, want to welcome you to Egerton University and encourage you to live up to the name that you have created and that which you represent.

With those remarks, I wish you all the best during your stay at Egerton University. Congratulations on this success and the many that are to come.

God bless you all!

Invite the VC.

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