Directorate of Planning and Development

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An effective and efficient planning and development directorate for the sustainable development of the University’s infrastructure, physical and human capital.


To strengthen the University’s planning and development capacity through Strategic planning, Performance Contracting system, Service Charter delivery and Physical development planning.


In order to address the challenges of planning and development, Egerton University established the Directorate of Planning and Development (DPD) in April 2009. Planning involves a systematic critical thinking process about ways and means an of charting the University’s course of development by deciding the most appropriate course of actions for the achievement of pre-determined long term, medium term and immediate goals and objectives for the achievement of the University’s vision and mission. An analysis of stakeholders’ needs, problems, interests, and expectations are used to determine and prioritize project potentials and alternatives. The Directorate facilitates the proper utilization of human and non-human resources by cascading the Strategic Plan (2013-2018) and Citizen Service Charters to University Units through the Performance Contracting system. The Directorate also monitors and evaluates the University Strategic Plan and the Operational Plan.


Plan and coordinate the development of the University lands and properties consistent with its vision and mandate.

Coordinate the construction and maintenance of University buildings and related infrastructure including; roads, water supply and electricity.

Propose strategies for acquisition and rationale use of vital natural resources and infrastructure.

Coordinate the development and annual review of the University’s Strategic Plan.

Draft the University’s Annual Performance Contract targets

Track and monitor the implementation of University’s Strategic plan through the Performance contract

Formulate policies on waste management consistent with sustainable development

Ensure University quarterly and annual PC reports are prepared and submitted.

Coordinate the formulation, implementation and monitoring of University, Divisional and University units Service Charter

Develop University Physical Master Plan

Ensure sustainable planning and development of the university capital projects

Collect, collate, analyze and maintain University information, data and records for effective planning and decision-making

Collect, analyze and interpret institutional and external environment data to Develop and maintain database on facts and figures regarding Egerton University

Carry our any other duties as may be guided by Management

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