Message From The Chairman

It gives me great recognize the opportunity that these targets will pleasure , on provide for better service delivery and behalf of the acknowledge the responsibility that goes with Council of Egerton addressing the larger, longer-term challenges and University and the our role in the education sector. It is with these University challenges in mind that the University is this year community, to committed to taking its rightful position in the
w e l c o m e a l l national arena by through key Vision 2030 flag ship graduands to this projects that include the rehabilitation of River 27t h Graduation Njoro, the Dry Land Agriculture project and full Ceremony. Let me establishment of an Agro Science Park at the congratulate them University.
all for this lifetime As the University continues with the quest to accomplishment. expand access to education in order to
T o d a y w e accommodate more deserving Kenyans, we have formally release registered tremendous improvement in terms of
3771 graduands to expansion of physical facilities. The construction go out there and play their rightful roles in the larger of the ultra modern Anatomy and Physiology society. We are confident that they will use the Complex is in the final stages of completion. This knowledge and skills acquired to contribute to the facility will provide state of the art teaching facility development of this country. for our medical students.
Let me commend the Senate and the We have continued to expand our academic University academic and support staff, for having programmes. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine made it possible for this cohort to successfully and Surgery has been introduced with a dean, complete their studies. chairmen of departments and lecturers appointed The 9th Egerton University Council of which I to run it.
am Chairman was constituted in November 2012. I As part of our mandate as a world class wish to record my appreciation and that of the university we continue to develop mutual entire Council to the Government for giving me this partnerships with local and international opportunity to serve this country in that capacity stakeholders to boost scholarship. We have also and for appointing members from among continued to benchmark with leading international distinguished Kenyans to serve on this Council. universities as is the practice worldwide.
I am conscious of the many challenges In addition, the University will soon engage ahead and make our commitment to offer the best. Spain in a collaboration that will benefit the For those who served in the previous council, University in terms of acquiring state of the art please have our utmost gratitude for the services research and teaching equipment in Engineering you rendered to the Kenyan Nation through your and Medicine. In this agreement the University
membership of the 8th Egerton University Council. stands to benefit through exchange of staff and The University Council has negotiated a new capacity building scholarships that will be provided Performance Contract with the Government. We by the Kingdom of Spain.
would like to state our commitment to achieve good To the graduands I wish you well in all your results and will continue to provide the necessary endeavors and to all Kenyans I wish you all human and financial resources to meet the peaceful elections, Merry Christmas and performance targets as negotiated with the Prosperous 2013. government through the Ministry of HigherEducation, Science and Technology. We do Thank you.