Every Year the Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) organizes one International Trade Fare in Nairobi and several shows throughout the country. The shows give farmers and other stakeholders an opportunity to showcase their products and to see new technologies which will enable them improve their productivity and increase growth and development in the agricultural sector. Annually the Agricultural Society have several National Agricultural shows in several major towns which include: Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri and others.

Egerton University being the premier institution in agriculture in Kenya participates actively annually in three of shows as part of its outreach programme.

The purpose of participating in such shows and exhibition is to:

1. Showcase University research products and services to potential clients
2. Market University academic programmes
3. Share and Learn new ideas from other counterparts in the education, research, consultancy, production and service sectors to enable the University deliver its mandate.
In 2013 the University participated in
· The Commission for University Exhibitions held at Kenyatta International Conference Centre on 20th to 22nd June 2013 (Theme: “Celebrating expansion of University Education through diversity and Integration
Three Agricultural Society of Kenya shows at:
Nakuru Agricultural National Show on 3rd – 7th July 2013 (Theme: “Enhancing Technology in Agriculture and Industry for Food Security and National Growth”): In this show the following various awards were won:
· The Best Public University Stand
· The Best Institution of Higher Learning in Developing Advanced Technology
· The Best Stand Exhibiting Agronomic Practices to Enhance Food Production and Security
· The Champion Guernsey Dairy Cow – Tatton Teaching and Demonstration farm (TDU)
· The Champion Female Toggenburg Dairy Goat – TDU
· The Champion Ayrshire Dairy cow – Ngongogeri Commercial farm
The Nairobi International Trade Fair from 30th September to 7th October 2013
· 14 Champions in various Corriedale sheep classes (lambs, ewes and rams) wining 7 trophies awarded by the President of the Republic of Kenya in a colourful ceremony
· Other recognitions such as rosettes, sashes and cash awards
· 4 Champions Fleece Merino classes (lambs, ewes and rams)
· Champions in 2 Ayshire classes
· Champions in 2 Freshian classes
· Champion cattle cross-breed
· Champions in 5 goat classes (females and males) including the Champion Female Toggenburg
· The Best stock-man (animal care)
The Egerton University took positions one to four in most Corriedale and Merino sheep classes and was overall best in Corriedale fleece in the entire Nairobi International Trade Fair.
· The Llama was a big attraction to the public, the senior management of ASK, the Ministry of Agriculture and other dignitaries.
· All sentiments indicated that Egerton should upscale the Llama project so as to release stocks to the communities. A Llama documentary captured at the show is published in THE PEOPLE newspaper a few days after the event on 8th October, 2013.
The Kabarnet show held on 17th to 19th October and won the following trophies:
· The 2nd Best University
· The Best Institution of Higher Learning in Developing Advanced Technology
· The Best Inventions and Innovations Centre



In addition to participating in shows the University also particpates in various Exhibitions organized by different groups. The most important of these exhibitions is that organized by The Commission for University Education (CUE) annually. This is a forum for all Kenyan Universities to exhibit their academic programmes and research products to the general public and students.


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