Quality statement and objectives


1. To ensure that at least ten (10) research projects are funded through the Division annually.

2. To ensure that at least five (5) innovation projects are funded through the Division annually.

3. To facilitate at least six (6) information sharing/research dissemination fora annually.

4. To facilitate at least Research and Extension capacity building activities annually.

5. To improve University Extension and Outreach by undertaking at least three (3) community based   projects annually.

6. To increase collaborative partnerships by establishing at least six (6) linkages with other academic, research, institutions and industry and public agencies annually.



The Division of Research and Extension envisions to be a Centre of Excellence in Research, Extension and Consultancy Services, Documentation, Publication and Information Dissemination.

To achieve this, the Division shall partner and collaborate with stakeholders to mobilize resources and to generate and disseminate significant knowledge through holistic Research and innovations for national and global development.

All Research and Extension activities undertaken by the Division shall be guided by the core values of integrity, diligence and devotion to excellence. Towards this end, the Division shall review its quality performance and regularly Monitor and Evaluate its Research and Extension activities.



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