Message from the Director

Written by Egerton University on .

In order to address the challenges of planning and development, Egerton University established the Directorate of Planning and Development (DPD) in April 2009.

The Directorate is currently led by Dr. Mary C. Lopokoiyit as the Director and Prof. Isaiah M. Tabu as the Deputy Director.

The Directorate carries out systematic planning to chart the University’s course development by making decisions about the most appropriate course of action relating to the achievement of predetermined goals and objectives within the University’s Vision and Mission. Analyses of stakeholder’s needs, problems, interests and expectations are used to determine and priorities project potentials and alternatives.

The Directorate facilitates the proper utilization of human and non-human resources by cascading the Strategic Plan (2013-2918) and Citizen Service Charters to University Units through the Performance Contracting systems. The Directorate also monitors and evaluates the University strategic Plan and the Operational Plan