Master Of Arts In Sociology

Sociology is a science that directly links the observer to the subject of the observation. Hence sociology has become a very important means of interpreting contemporary social life in an objective and critical manner. It follows, therefore, that there is need for better educated and trained sociologists. This programme offers a wide range of courses based on contemporary issues and needs such as; gender sensitivity, community development, peace building and conflict resolution, disaster awareness and management, etc.

Programme Objectives
This programme is designed to prepare sociologists for careers in civil service, Non-governmental organizations (NGOS) and career advancement in teaching and researching in contemporary society.
The main objectives of the programme is to produce a number of specialized sociologists in the following areas:
i) Gender;
ii) Community development and project management;
iii) Disaster preparedness and management ;
iv) Peace building and conflict management
v) Security Management
Once trained the MA (Sociology) holders will to apply their knowledge and skills in various fields particularly in areas of socio-economic consultancies, and in carrying out teaching and research in institutions of higher learning.

Admission Requirements
i) Egerton university Admission rules shall apply; however, admission shall also be open to holders of a first degree in Arts or any other related disciplines, with at least second class honours (upper division) or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;
i) Applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements specified above may be required to appear for an interview by the department (either oral or written) to determine their eligibility.

Course Structure and Duration
i) The Master of Arts in sociology programme shall extend for a period of at least eighteen (18) months but not more 36 months for full-time students;
ii) Students taking the programme on a part-time basis shall extend for a period of at least thirty six (36) months but should complete in a period not exceeding forty-eight (48) months;
iii) Students may be allowed to defer their studies for only one academic year on valid reason(s) communicated in writing to and accepted by the University senate.;
iv) The Master of Arts degree in Sociology will be taken either in the combinations of coursework, examination and thesis or coursework, examination and project;
v) The programme shall consist of a minimum of thirty credit factors of course work which will be distributed over two semesters. The thesis shall consist of fifteen credit factors. The project shall consist of four credit factors, while seminars shall consist of two credit factors and three additional courses each with three credit factors;
vi) The course work and examination shall be done and completed in the first year of study for full time student submitting a thesis;
vii) Students taking Project and Examination shall comply with the Graduate School Regulations in the second year of study;
viii) Course Coding
All the courses offered by the department of sociology shall be coded SOCI. The first digit 7 shall represent the year of graduate study, while O shall represent all compulsory courses, 1. Gender studies, 2. Community Development and project management, 3. Disaster management and 4. Peace studies and Conflict management

Examination Regulations
All examinations for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with examination regulations as stipulated in the Egerton University Statute XXIX.

Grading System
The grading of examinations for this programme shall be conducted in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXIX.

Graduation Requirements
To graduate a student shall be required to take and pass ALL scheduled courses within the stipulated period.

Degree classification
Degree classification shall be in accordance with Egerton University Statue XXIX

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