Ongoing Research

1.    Characterization of function spaces and its subspaces by properties of topological spaces
Student: Njuguna Edward Muturi           Supervisors: (1) Dr. M. N. Gichuki   (2) Dr. K. C. Sogomo
2.    Optimization in the ordered category of topological modules
Student: Otieno Paul Antony                   Supervisors: (1) Dr. K. C. Sogomo  (2) Dr. M. N. Gichuki
3.     Application of lie groups and symmetry in solving differential equations
Student: Mwanzia Zablon Musyoka        Supervisors: (1) Dr. K. C. Sogomo     (2) Dr. M. N. Gichuki
4.     Determination of efficient estimates under adaptive cluster sampling
Student: Mohammed Esha                       Supervisors: (1) Dr. J. W. Mwangi  (2) Prof. I. S. Ali
5.     Estimating finite population means using modified exponential ratio estimators in Systematic and one stage cluster sampling
Student: Anastasia Wanjiru                      Supervisors: (1) Dr. J. W. Mwangi  (2) Dr. L. A. Orawo
6.     Short time series modeling: An application of political opinion polls and the Nairobi Stock exchange market data
Student: Mike Otieno                               Supervisors: (1) Dr. J. W. Mwangi (2) Prof. I. S. Ali
7.     Time series modeling of tourist arrivals to Kenya
Student: Mwangasha N. Beatrice             Supervisors: (1) Prof. D. Nassiuma   (2) Prof. I. S. Ali
8.     Determination of market efficiency, volatility and asymmetric affect using Time Series Models at Nairobi Stock exchange
Student: Medrine M. Odinga                   Supervisors: (1) Dr. J. W. Mwangi    (2) Prof. I. S. Ali
9.     Maximum likelihood estimation in a simple linear regression model with Cauchy error
Student: Lenox Kombe Karisa                 Supervisors: (1) Dr. L. A. Orawo      (2) Dr. J. W. Mwangi

1. Meander formation and stability analysis of a river channel
Student: Kaguchwa John Njenga.              Supervisors: (1) Prof. Kwanza      (2) Dr. P. Gathia
2. Comparing three or more experiments for estimating the prevalence rate of a trait
Student: Matiri George Munene.              Supervisors: (1) Prof.K.L Nyongesa (2) Dr. J. W. Mwangi

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