Lydia Ayako Mareri


Lydia Ayako Mareri

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Department of Literature, Languages and Linguistics

Egerton University

P.O. BOX 536 –20115 Egerton-Njoro

Mobile: 0733-850 035 & 0721- 677 045

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EDUCATION: 2013: Doctor of Management (SMC University- Switzerland)

2000: Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations (Kenyatta University- Kenya)

1992: MA(Ed) Applied Linguistics (Southampton University- UK)

1987: Bachelor of Education (Arts) (Kenyatta University-Kenya)

WORK EXPERIENCE: University Teaching

Egerton University 1994 to date: Public Relations; Academic Communication Skills; Public Speaking; Language Acquisition; Sociolinguistics;Discourse Analysis; Aspects of Grammatical Analysis; Library User Education; Business Communication; Thought and Writing; Technical Writing ; Interpersonal Communication

FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION: Communication and Public Relations

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Public Relations, Organizational Communication, Leadership & Gender


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Acting, Poetry Recitation and Singing: Drama: Have adjudicated in the Kenya National Drama Festivals both Secondary and Primary schools from 1989 to date at various levels.

Poetry, Music & Dance:

Have adjudicated Dance and verse speaking for the Kenya Music Festival Foundation at all levels of competitions

from 1995 to date.