Gachigua Sammy Gakero


Gachigua Sammy Gakero


Assistant Lecturer

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Department of Literature, Languages and Linguistics

(Communication and Media)

Egerton University

P.O. Box 13357 – 20100

Nakuru Town Campus College


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PhD Applied Linguistics

Thesis: Elite Interests and the Public Good in Kenyan Parliamentary Debates: An Argumentation and Social Actor Representation Analysis

A CDA study that investigates power and ideology in the debates of Constitution Amendment bills in Kenya (1963-1988) that curtailed civil liberties and undermined the separation of powers.

Lancaster University, UK


Master of Arts in Linguistics

Thesis: Political Radio Panel Interviews: A Discourse Analysis

University of Nairobi


Bachelor of Education Arts (English and Literature)

Egerton University


Critical Discourse Analysis, Argumentation theory, Parliamentary Discourse, Media Discourse, Political Communication/Discourse, Legal Discourse, Mediatization and Society, Cartoon Analysis, Critical Thinking, Communication & Law, Qualitative Research Methods, General Linguistics, & English Grammar.



Discursive Reconstruction of the ICC-Kenya Engagement through Kenyan Newspapers’ Editorial Cartoons.

In Clarke K. A., Knottneru, A. S., and de Volder, E. (Eds). Africa and the ICC: Perceptions of Justice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 187-231.


Legislating for a de jure One-Party State in 1982 and ‘Party Hopping’ in 2012: Reconstructing Elite Discourse on Political Parties in Kenya.

In Orwonjo, D. O., Oketch, O. & Tunde, A. H. (Eds). Political Discourse in Emergent, Fragile, and Failed Democracies. Hershey Pennsylvania: IGI Global. 298-317.


The ICC and Kenya’s 2013 Elections: A Perspective from Kenyan Newspaper editorial Cartoons.

In Njogu, K. & Wekesa, P. W. Kenya’s 2013 Elections: Stakes, Practices and Outcomes. Nairobi: Twaweza Communications & Heinrich Boll Foundation. 198-219.


Fuelling the violence: The print media and Kenya’s volatile 2007 post-election Violence.

In Anders Sjögren, Godwin Murunga & Dan Okello (Eds). Kenya: Towards a new Constitutional Order. London: Zed Books/Nordic Africa Institute. P. 44-65.


Should public officers make open declarations of their wealth? Kenyan parliamentary discourse on the fight against corruption

In Janina Iwaniec and Helen West (Eds.) Papers from the Lancaster University Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching (LAEL PG) 2011 Vol. 6 ISSN 1756-123X P 114 -132



Research title

Grant/Fellowship Award


Can the integration of Forensic Linguistic expertise in investigation of hate-speech in Kenya ameliorate the dismal record of prosecution?

Fellowship: PASGR Advanced Research Design for Policy-Oriented Research, Trained in: Designing Social Inquiry, Multi-Methods Research, Critical Policy Engaged Research, and Action Research. Nairobi, Kenya, 19 April – 5 May 2017.


Hansard report production process in the devolved government structure in Kenya and its implication for democratic governance

Research Grant: 2016 National Research Fund – Kenya, Multi-disciplinary and Multi-Institutional Grant Competition, Ksh. 20,000,000 [collaborative research between Mugo Muhia, Muhati, Peter, & Gachigua, Gakero Sammy]


Kenya’s war on Al-Shabaab terror militia: A multimodal discourse analysis of Gado’s cartoons as popular culture security artifacts

Fellowship: CODESRIA Dmocratic Governance Institute, Theme: Security & Democratic Governance, Dakar, Senegal, August 5-23.


Bride-wealth negotiation strategies: Can these skills be transferred to African conflict resolution negotiations?

Research Grant: $ 4000: The 2007 OSSREA Young Scholars Social Science Research Grant Competition. Grant proposal presented in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia January 14-17.


Power elite conflict in Kenya’s ninth parliament and its implication for democratic transition

Fellowship: CODESRIA Governance Institute: The Legislature in Africa’s Democratic Transition, Dakar, Senegal, August 14 – September 8.



Conceptual metaphor of the nation-state in newly-independent Africa: Kenyatta’s regime state-as-a-family metaphor in Kenyan parliamentary discourse
Presented at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Martin Centre for Appliable Linguistics, Theme: International Conference on Appliable Linguistics and Legal Discourse, Shanghai, China December 14-18.


Discursive reconstruction of the ICC-Kenya engagements through Kenyan newspapers’ editorial cartoons
Paper Presented at The Hague University of Applied Sciences Multidisciplinary Conference, Theme: Africans and Hague Justice: Realities and Perceptions the International Criminal Court in Africa, May 23– 24.


Legislating for a de jure one-party state in 1982 and ‘party hopping’ in 2012: the argumentations, transformations and prospects for political parties’ development in Kenya

paper presented 2nd Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference, Catholic University of East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, June 25-29.


What can Linguistics offer to Kenya’s transformative socio-political agenda? A case for the applied & interdisciplinarity

Paper presented at 1st Interdisciplinary Annual International Conference, Catholic University of East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, June 27-31.


Should public officers make public declarations of their wealth? Power elite discourse on the fight against corruption as debated in the Kenyan parliament

Paper presented at the 6th Lancaster Linguistics & English Language Conference, UK, July 2.


Displays of might, glitz & deceit: What was the print media’s role in Kenya’s volatile 2007 post-election violence? available:

Paper presented at CODESRIA General Assembly, Theme: Governing the African Public Sphere, Yaoundé, Cameroon, December 7-11.


2014 to date

Egerton University

Assistant Lecturer (Communication and Media)


Kenya Methodist University

Lecturer, English, Linguistics & Communication


Egerton University

Part-time lecturer English, Linguistics, Communication & Media


Graduate Teacher

Teachers Service Commission, English & Literature


Critical discourse analysis, argumentation theory, political cartoon analysis, parliamentary discourse, political discourse/communication, media discourse, conceptual metaphor analysis, legal discourse, and mediatization and society.