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The main objectives of the directorate are:

1. To receive and facilitate processing international applications and enrolment of international students (Pupil’s Passes).

2. To promote International scholarly exchange programmes and maintain international students and staff statistics within the university

3. To coordinate visits to Egerton University by international scholars

4. To initiate, facilitate, nature and sustain linkages between Egerton and other Universities outside through initiation of MOUs.

As the university strives towards excellence through worldwide networking, the vision to be a “world class” institution of higher learning, the Directorate is living up to its vision of enhancing ties with other institutions in the globe all over.

Directorate’s Mandate


The Directorate of International Linkages creates and sustains a network of institutional collaborations in order to extend the University’s endeavours towards world class bench mark.  In this regard, the Directorate stands as vital arm of the University in extending the University’s core mandate of training, discovering, transmission and preservation of knowledge beyond the Kenyan borders and by so doing rendering global service to all humanity.


To network globally and leave a piece of Egerton University in every corporate and developmental ingenuity worldwide through the knowledge that international students gain locally.


Networking for the advancement of humanity globally

Quality Objectives

a) To establish four MoUs with international academic institutions annually

b) To involve ten (10) academic staff and twenty (20) students in local and international exchange programmes annually