About Linkages

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Dr. J.N. Wolukau   :   Director ILP

The  core functions of the directorate include initiating, facilitating and sustaining linkages between the University and other universities or similar institutions outside Kenya; providing  advisory services to International Students and staff at the University; receiving and facilitating the processing of International Students’ applications and enrollment; globally promoting and marketing academic programmes of the University; and providing/facilitating access to welfare services to International Students and Staff.

The Directorate of International Linkages and Programmes boasts of: Yearly enhanced admission of International students from various countries since inception in 2010, improved exchange programmes for both staff and student mainly in Agriculture, Limnology and Wetland Management, and other courses as well, from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Mali and Burundi on full time study, increased Memoranda of Understanding with other institutions (the most recent on a list of close to 100 include Al Zaiem Al Azhari University, Sudan; Open University of Tanzania; Tanzania; CAC Africa Summit, China between CCPT CHEM, China and Faculty of Agriculture at Egerton University; Ministry of Agriculture , China; and locally, Agriculture Enterprise Development Programme [VAEDP], Vihiga , Kenya. In progress, are several draft cooperation agreements: a 3-way among Tennessee State University, USA-Nanjing Agricultural University, China-Egerton University, Kenya; University of Guelph, Canada; University of Namibia, Namibia; Sokoto State University, Nigeria; Global Learning Network, Europe; and with the University of Iceland, Iceland). The above also permit inter-faculty exchange of students and scholars.

We are also in the process of developing  collaborations with several universities in France e.g. the agricultural veterinary and forestry Institute of France (Agreenium) through an initiative of Agence Campus France (1st edition of the “Kenya Day” in Paris, 22nd March 2016). Proposed areas of cooperation include crop molecular research, dryland research, germplasm enhancement, climate change mitigation and adaptation, food and nutrition security, and post-harvest, agri-business, value chains and capacity building.

Several members of staff and students are pursuing online courses on Transnational Human Services leadership at Pacific University and UW Oshkosh and many others pursuing Joint Master Degree in Limnology and Wetland Management (LWM) Kenyan Trimester. Students pursuing various Undergraduate courses are also currently on annual Field Attachment programme in Israel.