Social Activities

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Coffee Hour Social:

1. This is a forum for students to identify, discuss, address and propose solutions to issues affecting female and male students on campus. The forum incorporates the members of staff with the aim of improving the students-staff relationships on campus.

Coffee Connection Magazine:

1. The publication is used to disseminate the information that is generated from the Coffee Hour Social discussions and other Institute functions. It has also been used to train students with the potential of journalism aptitude.

Student Outreach Activities:

1. This include the mentoring project to high school students- The Bash Hour- as well as counseling and referral programmes used to sensitize the University fraternity, the

2. surrounding community and schools on Gender, Health Environment and Entrepreneurship.

Male Student Leadership & Mentorship Programme.


1. Gender Awareness Day ( Photos, addresses, spectacles, Speeches).

2. Gender Mainstreaming

Policy Formulation / Affirmative Action

Egerton University endeavors to providing policies that guide training and research in Women, Gender and Development Studies. Currently, two (2) policies are in place:

1. Gender Policy (2011): This Gender Policy was developed and provides a roadmap for the operationalization of the University’s commitments and it includes a comprehensive seven year Strategic Plan, which will guide the implementation of these commitments by the university.

2. Policy & Procedures for Gender Based Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention:

This policy endeavors to eliminate Sex and Gender-Based violence and create an enabling environment in the University. It will guide gender equality actions for the University in implementing global commitments on gender equity so as to narrow the gender gap between females and males in view the millennium Development Goals.

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