Written by Egerton University Webmaster.


A world class gender-based Institution in research, training, consultancy, advocacy and outreach activities for the advancement of humanity.


To promote gender equity by undertaking gender-related research, policy formulation, advocacy, training, consultancy, documentation and dissemination, and to provide expert advice and services on gender issues to students and staff of Egerton University and surrounding communities. To be in the forefront in networking with other organizations in advocating for change in laws, policies and systems that continue to perpetrate gender disparities.


Ø To develop curricula and conduct training programmes which still facilitate integration of gender and development in policy formulation and decision making.

Ø To engage in outreach programmes and advocacy in gender related issues through public lectures, short courses, seminars, workshops and mass media.

Ø To provide consultancy and counseling on gender and development to individuals, researchers and extension workers, decision and policy makers both nationally and internationally.

Ø To promote gender mainstreaming in the university and communities through curriculum, research and career development in order to achieve gender equality.

Ø To disseminate information on gender and development issues through publications, internet and mass media.

Ø To help both men and women recognize, understand and acknowledge their multidimensional roles in society through mass media, public lectures and workshops.

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