Directors Message

Written by Egerton University Webmaster on .


On behalf of the staff, students and friends of the IWGDS, I welcome you most sincerely to our Web page. Here you will find useful information about the Institutes’ academic and non academic programmes as well as a brief history of the IWGDS. The Institute is headed by the Director who is the administrative and academic head. Assisting the Director on the day to day administrative duties are Executive Secretary and Senior Administrative Assistant. An Advisory Board of the Institute comprising seven members is also in place and is tasked with the responsibility of advising the director to run the Institute efficiently. Today, the IWGDS has grown to become a centre for academic excellence, research, documentation, advocacy as well as outreach and social programmes. As an institute, we are interested in mapping out and intervening in the gendered nature of social processes. We believe that a global approach informed by local concerns is needed to do so, making the institute one unique institution that combines theory and practice as well as informing policy formulation not just at Egerton University but also at national and regional levels.

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