Advisory Board

Advisory Board
•    Dr. W Moturi– Senate Rep.(Environmental Sciences
•    Dr. J. Ouma  – Faculty of Agriculture
•    Mr. B.J.M Ngoda – Faculty of Environment & Resource Development
•    Ms. P.Thiong’o -Faculty of Biological Sciences.
•    Ms. C.Wanyanga- Faculty of Health Sciences
•    Mrs. Onsarigo – Faculty of Arts.
•    Ms. L Amuhaya – Faculty of Engineering & Technology.
•    Ms. M Lopokoyit  – Faculty of Education & Community Studies.
•    Mrs. P.A Lokuruka – Secretary to the Board.
•    Certificate course in Gender, Poverty and Development (Tri Annual), April, August and December each year.
•    Post-graduate Diploma in Gender, Poverty and Development Studies – (1 year) School Based, Njoro Campus; Work based, Nakuru Town Campus.
•    Diploma in Gender, Women and Development Studies, Njoro Campus)
•    Bachelor of Arts in Women, Gender and Development Studies. (Regular,  Njoro Campus)

Coming Soon!!!!
•    Masters in Gender and Development Studies NEW School Based (Njoro Campus) work-based. (Nakuru Town Campus)(April 2011)
•    Ph.D in Gender and Development Studies.
Position Available:  for one year sabbatical.

For further information contact:
Director, I.W.G. & D.S.
Egerton University
P. O. ox 536, Njoro, Kenya
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile: 0714995388

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