Doctor Of Philosophy In Sociology

The PhD study programme in the Department of Peace, security and Social Studies is designed with the knowledge that scientific research is of paramount importance for continuous development of society in different spheres- social, economic and political. Therefore, the education and training of PhD candidates is for scientific advancement and excellence while improving the welfare of humanity, through social research, critical analysis and contributions to future solutions to societal problems. Sociology is a science that directly links the observer to the subject of observation. Hence it is a very important means of interpreting contemporary social life in an objective and critical manner. The discipline of sociology covers a wide range of topics: rural sociology, urban sociology, sociology of the family, social gerontology, social change and development, social policy and administration, environmental sociology among others. Generally sociology deals with society as a whole and the changes and challenges therein. It follows therefore, that there is need for better educated and trained sociologists. A PhD programme in sociology is geared towards developing a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional in understanding sociological principles that will enable him/her to apply in solving societal problems and improve peoples‘ welfare. The PhD programme is research based.

Programme Objectives
The candidates successfully completing all the requirements of doctoral degree of Egerton university are mentored to be skilled professionals with the capacity to provide solutions to societal problems and offer leadership in areas such as teaching and training, formulation of development strategies, consultancy services in governmental and non-governmental sectors.

Admission Requirements
i) The common regulations for the Doctorate degree as specified in the statutes of Egerton university shall be applicable;
ii) The course shall be open to holders of M.A/M.Sc degree with thesis and with at least B grade or equivalent pass in the relevant subjects from Egerton University or any other University recognized by Egerton University senate;
iii) Candidates must include a brief outline of their proposed research project.

Programme Structure and Duration
The Ph.D programme will extend for a minimum period of 36 months and a maximum of 72 months All candidates shall conduct independent research, with the direction of a subject specialist, write and submit a thesis, in fulfilment for Ph.D in Sociology

Thesis Examination
All candidates enrolled for the Ph.D. degree in Sociology shall be required to conduct independent research, leading to writing of a thesis. The defense of the thesis shall be conducted in accordance with the rules established in Egerton University statute XXIX.

Examination regulations
All examinations for the Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology shall be conducted in accordance with examination regulations as stipulated in Egerton University Statute XXIX.

The grading of examination for PhD in Sociology shall be in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXIX.

Graduation Requirements
To graduate with a PhD in Sociology a student shall be required to undertake independent research, submit a written thesis and pass an oral thesis examination.

Degree Classification
The PhD in Sociology is not classified

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