Doctor Of Philosophy In Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies offers career-oriented, professional and liberal religious education. The programme trains students in research and teaching as preparation for careers withion institutions of higher learning and other organizations. A Ph.D in degree in Religious studies is intended to meet the ever growing demand for highly trained personnel to teach in institutions of higher learning. The Ph.D. programme in Religious Studies is housed in the Department of Philosophy, History and Religious Studies along with respective Ph.D. degree, both in Philosophy and History.

Programme Objectives
A specific area of religion is chosen by the candidate in order:
i) To achieve academic excellence and to develop high level manpower in areas of religious studies;
ii) To further and deepen the knowledge of religious education gained at undergraduate level so as to prepare the candidate for a career in this area;
iii) To undertake research in religious studies and related disciplines.

Admission Requirements
To qualify for admission into the Ph.D programme , one must have obtained a Master of Arts degree in Religious studies from Egerton University or an equivalent and recognised higher institution of learning, and, write an acceptable research proposal in a relevant topic in consultation with experts from the department of Religious Studies. The procedure of getting a research proposal accepted is as follows: First the student presents in the department of Philosophy, History and Religious studies a concept paper before proceeding to the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences under the supervision of a qualified expert. A Ph.D candidate is registered as such once the proposal has been approved by the faculty and registered at the School of postgraduate Studies

Programme Structure and Duration
The Ph.D programme will extend for a minimum period of 36 months and a maximum of 72 months All candidates shall conduct independent research, with the direction of a subject specialist, write and submit a thesis, in fulfilment for Ph.D in Religious studies

Thesis Examination
All candidates enrolled for the Ph.D. degree in Religious studies shall be required to conduct independent research, leading to writing of a thesis. The defense of the thesis shall be conducted in accordance with the rules established in Egerton University statute XXIX.

Examination regulations
All examinations for the Doctor of Philosophy in Religious studies shall be conducted in accordance with examination regulations as stipulated in Egerton University Statute XXIX.

The grading of examination for PhD in Religious studies shall be in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXIX.

Graduation Requirements
To graduate with a PhD in Religious studies a student shall be required to undertake independent research, submit a written thesis and pass an oral thesis examination.

Degree Classification
The PhD in Religious studies is not classified

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