Graduate School

The Director

Board of Postgraduate Studies

P.O Box 536-20115. Kenya, Tel No: +254-51-2217847


The graduate school is managed by a board which is charged with the following responsibilities:

coordination of graduate silabii and regulations
Admission of graduate students
Administration of graduate scholarship
Administration of graduate research grants
Processing of graduate theses and research projects
conduct supervision of graduate study programmes
General welfare and discipline of graduate students.


The current Board of postgraduate studies is composed of 15 members and 2 administrators.

Director BPGS
Academic Registrar - Secretary
4 senate representatives
Faculty of arts and Social Sciences Representatives
Faculty of Argriculture Representative
Faculty of Education And Human Resources
Faculty of Science Representative
University Librarian
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Faculty of Environment and Natural Resource Representative
Faculty of Education, Laikipia college campus Representative
Ph.D Student Representative
Master Students Representative
Deputy Registrar, BPGS
Assistant Registrar, BPGS


Eligibilty for Admission
Masters applicants should have a minimum of an upper second class honours degree from a recognized university
Ph. D should have a good masters degree from a recognized university
scholars, Professionals and policy makers stand to benefit from schools' programmes.


List of Masters Programmes and their descriptions.

Faculty of Science

M.Sc Biochemistry (Research Option)
M.Sc Biochemistry Science and Technology (Research Option)
M.Sc in Mycology
M.Sc in Plant Pathology
M.Sc in Limnology
M.Sc in Animal physiology
M.Sc in integrated Pest and Vector management
M.Sc in Chemistry
M.Sc in Physics
M.Sc in Biostatistics & Buimetrics
M.Sc in pure Mathematics
M.Sc in Applied Mathematics
M.Sc in Statistics
MSc. in Medical Parasitology

Faculty of Agriculture

M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics
M.Sc. in Animal Breeding And Genetics
M.Sc. in Soil Science
M.Sc. in Animal Production (with Breeding and Nutrition options)
M.Sc. in Agronomy (with Protection, Breeding and Production Options)
M.Sc. in Food Science
M.Sc. in Horticulture (with Floriculture, Olericulture and Pomology options) In Livestock Production
M.Sc in Plant Biotechnology
M.Sc in Animal Nutrition

Faculty of Engineering in Agricultural Engineering.
Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering.
Master of Science in Soil and Water Engineering (SWEN)
Master of Science in Water Resources and Environmental Management

Faculty of Arts And Social Sciences

M.A.English Language and Linguistics.
M.A. Kiswahili.
M.A. Religion.

Faculty of Education And Community Studies

M.Sc. in Community Studies & Extension.
M.Sc. in Science Education
M.Sc. in Curriculum & Instruction Educational Management
M. sc. Agriculture Education; Agriculture Extension

Faculty of Environment And Resource Development

M.Sc in (Geography)
M.Sc in Natural Resources Management
MSc in Environmental Science

Faculty of Health Sciences

M.Sc. in Foods Nutrition & Dietetics.
M.Sc. in Health Services Management
M.Sc. in of Public Health

College Of Open And Distance Learning

M.Sc in Curriculum and Instruction
M.Sc in Education Management
M.Sc in Education Foundations
M.Sc in Guidance and Counseling
M.Sc in Languages
M.Sc in Guidance & Counseling
M.Sc in Community Studies and Extension
M.A. in linguistic MA (Ling)
M.A. in Community Economic Development (CED)
M.A. in Social Work MA (SW) (Evening Programme)

Doctorate Programmes

List of Doctoratre Programmes and their descriptions

Faculty of Agriculture

Ph.D. in Animal Science
Ph.D. in Crop Science
Ph.D in Food Science
Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics
Ph.D. in Horticulture
Ph.D. In Aminal Health

Faculty of Education and Community Studies

Ph.D. in Agricultural Education
Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension
Ph.D. in Science Education
Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction
Ph.D. in Educational Management
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
Ph.D. in Education
Ph.D . Community Studies And Extension

Faculty Of Environment And Resource Development

Ph.D. in Geography
Ph.D. in Environmental Science
Ph.D. in Natural Resources Management