Faculty of Agriculture

M.Sc/PhD  Animal Breeding & Genetics

M.Sc/PhD  Animal Production

M.Sc/PhD  Agronomy

M.Sc/PhD  Soil Science

M.Sc/PhD  Horticulture

M.Sc/PhD  Agricultural Economics

M.Sc/PhD  Food Science

M.Sc/PhD  Applied Agricultural Economics (CMAAE)

M.Sc/PhD  Agricultural Information & Communication Management (AICM)

M.Sc/PhD  Agribusiness Management

M.Sc/PhD  Dry-land Farming

Faculty of Education and Community Studies

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

M.Ed/PhD Agricultural Education

M.Sc/PhD Agricultural Extension

M.Ed/PhD Curriculum & Instruction

M.Ed/PhD Science Education

M.Ed/PhD Education Administration

M.Ed/PhD Guidance & Counselling

M.Ed/PhD Education Foundation

M.Sc/PhD Nutritional Science

M.Sc/PhD Clothing & Textile

M.A/PhD  Guidance & Counselling

M.Sc/PhD Community Development Studies

PhD Agricultural & Rural Innovations (ARIS)

Institute of Women, Gender & Development Studies

Postgraduate Diploma in Gender, Poverty & Development

M.A/PhD Gender, Women & Development Studies

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

M.A/PhD . History

M.A/PhD . Kiswahili

M.A/PhD . English

M.A/PhD . Religious Studies

M.A/PhD . Philosophy

M.A/PhD . Economics

M.A/PhD . Sociology

M.A/PhD . Literature

M.A/PhD . Journalism

M.A/PhD   Criminology

M.A/PhD . Security Management

M.Sc/PhD Library & Information Science

Faculty of Science

M.Sc/PhD . Chemistry

M.Sc/PhD . Mathematics

M.Sc/PhD . Physics

M.Sc/PhD . Biochemistry

M.Sc/PhD . Botany

M.Sc/PhD . Computer Science

M.Sc/PhD . Parasitology

M.Sc/PhD . Limnology

Faculty of Environment & Resource Development

M.Sc/PhD . Natural Resources

M.Sc/PhD . Environmental Science

M.Sc/PhD . Geography

M.A/PhD  . Geography

M.Sc/PhD . Environmental & Occupational Health

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

M.Sc/PhD . Agricultural Engineering

M.Sc/PhD . Engineering Systems & Management.

M.Sc/PhD . Water Resource & Environmental Management

M.Sc/PhD   Soil & Water Engineering

Faculty of Health Sciences

M.Sc/PhD Nutritional Sciences

Faculty of Commerce

Master of Business Administration

Master in Human Resource Management

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