The Undergraduate degree Matriculation ceremonies

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The Undergraduate degree Matriculation ceremonies

Our traditions require that all students admitted to degree study should be consecrated in a solemn ceremony of matriculation. Academic dress is provided free of charge for this ceremony at which the oath of matriculation is taken. The Presiding officer is the deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs. Formal matriculation is significant for the purpose of clear spiritual impartation at the commencement of the study. It is held at the Main Campus Njoro where the vision to start the University in 1939 was given to the Founders. This ceremony supplies the much needed spiritual energy boost, anointing and grace that we need on this long and tiresome journey from admission to the graduation square.

The 3rd  Bachelor of Laws Matriculation October 30, 2018

The 2nd Bachelor of Laws Matriculation Ceremony October 6, 2017

The inaugural Matriculation ceremony September 13, 2016

New Law students taking the Matriculation Oath October 30, 2019

3rd Matriculation day October 30, 2018


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