Faculty of law

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Vision of the Faculty of Law

Our vision is to be a world class Law School for the advancement of innovative legal education and research, and human rights discourse.

Mission of the Faculty of Law

The Mission of the Faculty of Law is to provide quality legal education that fosters critical thinking, human rights discourse, innovative research, pursuit of justice through scholarship, advocacy and collaboration, and service to the society that contributes to national and global development.

Dean Faculty of Law

Message from the Dean Faculty of Law

Dr. Ruth Anyango Aura-Odhiambo

Karibu kwenye tovuti ya Kitivo cha Sheria.
Welcome to the Faculty of Law.

The Faculty of Law was established in 2015 following recommendations of expert studies on the state of legal education in the region. Our undergraduate degree program was duly accredited in February 2016. We recognize that we are operators in an increasingly crowded field of service providers. Therefore, we have determined from the outset that our mission must contribute to redefining quality standards in legal education in Eastern Africa. Our commitment to quality is evident in our program content, inputs, selection of learners and overall institutional positioning.
Our curriculum is unique, progressive and clearly distinguishable from the alternatives. Our emphasis on research and writing skills throughout the program has been informed by needs assessment studies, extensive surveys and engagements with external stakeholders. Moreover, our program is delivered by a team of highly skilled and experienced academics with world class credentials, who serve on full-time basis.
Learners admitted to study with us normally have above-average capability. We select only the most highly qualified students who have best prospects of thriving in our programme and represent realistic promise of a successful professional career in Law. We believe that our high admission criteria will help to strengthen the quality of graduates of our program, positioning them and our brand ahead of the rest. This, we believe is the calibre of lawyers that our increasingly complex world needs.

Evidently, we are not just another Law school. There is so much we would like to say about the progress we have made as we break new ground and demonstrate leadership in the Legal Education sector. This we shall do, in due course. For now, we enrol highly qualified, above-average students to pursue our superior curriculum, delivered by a world class Faculty.  This is exactly what our stakeholders asked of us. We are pleased to focus on delivering it.

Since September 2016 when we held the first matriculation ceremony to solemnly consecrate our freshmen to this calling into our academic community, our mission continues to unfold. We look forward to graduating the pioneer class in July 2020. For our students and ourselves as a Community of scholars, our prospects are promising. Our future is bright. Soon, the very best of our best at Egerton is coming forth.

August 2019 intake