Dr. Ruth Anyango Aura-Odhiambo

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Dr. Ruth Anyango Aura-Odhiambo

Associate Dean

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Dr Ruth Aura Odhiambo is a Senior lecturer in the Department of Human Rights and Public Law and Associate Dean, Faculty of Law. Dr Aura holds a doctoral degree in Law of the University of Pretoria, a Masters degree in Policy Studies of the University of Fort Hare, a Masters degree in Women’s Law of the University of Zimbabwe and a Bachelor of Laws degree of the University of Nairobi.

She has previously taught at the School of Law, University of Nairobi and served as the Academic and Research Coordinator Institute of Women, Gender & Development Studies, Egerton University. She has served as Member of the Technical Committee for the Beijing +15 Review, member Golden Key International and a founder member of Everywoman Everywhere Coalition, an initiative advocating for a global treaty to address violence against women.

Her teaching and research interests include: international human rights law, human Rights Based Approaches to Gender and Law, Labour Law, Family Law, Women’s Property Rights, Governance and Policy Making, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Access to Justice, HIV/AIDS, Gender and Climate Change. She has extensive experience as a lead consultant in these fields.

She is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and has served as the Chairperson of the Federation of Women Lawyers (K).

Selected publications


1. Dr. Ruth Aura-Odhiambo ‘International Law Protecting Women from Domestic Abuse: Is it a Fallacy?’ Africa Nazarene University Law Journal (ANULJ) VOL. 2(1) 2014 JUTA Publishers (94-118)

2. Dr. Ruth Aura-Odhiambo ‘Situational Analysis and the Legal Framework on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Kenya: Challenges and Opportunities’ (2014) UON School of Law, Kenya Law Reporting http://kenyalaw.org/kl/filenadmin/pdfdownloads/Situational_Analysis_and_-Aura.doc

3. Ruth Aura-Odhiambo ‘Analysis of the East African Court of Justice: Enhancing its Capacity as a Regional Judicial Organ to Handle Human Rights Related Issues’ in EAC Widening and Deepening EAC Integration: The Call for Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in East Africa (2012) EAC Occasional Papers Issue No. 3 Published by EAC Secretariat.(5-79)


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1. Policy and Work Life Outcomes for Kenyan University Women (June, 2014) Sage Open Journal

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