Faculty of Education and Community Development Studies

“Education and Training for Quality Livelihood”

The Faculty Education and Community Studies evolved from two existing departments namely department of Agricultural Education and Extension; established in 1967 with support from USAID to train Diploma agriculture teachers for secondary schools and the department of Home Economics established in 1969 to offer Diploma programmes to female students. In 1987 the two departments were upgraded and began admitting degree students, and became the pioneer constituent departments then Faculty of Education and Human Resources. In 1989, the department of Curriculum and Instruction was established to offer the Bachelor of Education Science Programmes. Later, the Departments of Educational Psychology, Educational Foundations and Educational Administration, Planning and Management were established as service departments to offer foundational courses to students of the faculty. Since then, the faculty has expanded in Academic staff, programmes and student enrolment. The latter four departments were merged to two. Currently, the faculty has the following four departments: Agricultural Education and Extension, Applied Community and Development Studies, Psychology, Counseling and Educational Foundations and Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Management. These Departments offer various diploma, bachelors, masters, and doctoral programmes.

To Generate and disseminate Relevant Quality Knowledge in Education, Extension and Community Development.

Core Functions
Teaching, Training, Research, Outreach, Student Advising and Supervision, Development of Instructional Materials.

Core Values
Commitment to Duty Professionalism, Efficiency and Excellence, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Respect for others, Fairness and Teamwork.

Offer academic advice to students in the faculty

· Respond to customers’ complaints

· Improve teaching/pedagogical skills of academic staff

· Improve completion rate of students

· Publish papers in peer reviewed journals




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