Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management

For a long time, Purchasing has been a finance function. However due the dynamic nature of many organizations today, there is need to separate this function from the ordinary finance operations. Owing to the demand for personnel to work in Purchasing and Supplies department has increased over time. It is against this background that Faculty of Commerce has developed this Programme to address the need for adequately trained manpower to manage the area of procurement in various sectors of the economy. Opportunities for graduates of this program exist in government, public and private sector.

Programme Objectives
The aim of the Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management (BPSM) degree is to provide students with necessary skills in Purchasing and Supplies Management that can enable them to respond to their need for effective management of public and private enterprises. The specific objectives of this programme include:

i). To develop a coherent and broad based coverage of Purchasing and Supplies Management and the underlying principles in the supply chain management.
ii). To equip the learners with appropriate business skills in Purchasing and Supplies Management.
iii). To enhance learners confidence and ability to critically evaluate supply chain requirements.
iv). To enable learners to develop solutions from moral, professional and academic perspectives.
v). To provide students with experience in the development of Supply Chain Systems necessary for solving business problems and making managerial decisions.
vi). To prepare the candidates to undertake research and pursue Post-graduate studies
80.3 Admission Requirements
i). All applicants admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management must satisfy the minimum admission requirements of Egerton University senate.
ii). In addition, the candidate should have a minimum of C in both Mathematic and English/Kiswahili. OR
iii). The candidate be a holder of KACE certificate with a minimum of two Principal passes, and a minimum of a credit pass in Mathematics at KCE OR
iv). The candidate must be a holder of diploma in Marketing, Insurance Risk Management, Co-Operative Management, from any institution recognized by the Egerton University Senate. OR
v). The candidate must be a holder of any other qualification equivalent to the above from institutions recognized by Egerton University Senate may also be admitted.
vi). Based on senate approved guidelines, candidates may be allowed to transfer up to 30% of credit factors from a diploma course.

Course Structure and Duration of the Study
i). The Bachelor of Purchasing & Supplies Management (BPSM) course shall be offered in four academic years for full time students.
ii). Part-time students will be allowed a maximum of eight academic years from the time of registration.
iii). The course code is four capital letters BPSM standing for Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management followed by three digits.
iv). First digit indicates the year of study i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4; 6.3 Second digit is the nature of the sub-discipline of the course within the discipline. Levels 0 – General BPSM Courses 1 – Purchasing 2 – Supplies
v). Third digit indicates sequence of the course.

Examination Regulation
All the examination of the university shall be conducted in accordance with university statutes stipulated in the university statute No XXVIII.

Grading system
The grading system will be conducted in accordance with Egerton University statutes XXVIII.

Graduation requirement.
To graduate with a bachelor of commerce, a student shall be required to take and pass all scheduled courses within stipulated time.

Degree classification
The Bachelors degree classification shall be in accordance with Egerton university statute programs statute XXVIII

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