Master Of Journalism And Mass Communication

The Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (JOMC) degree programme is designed to equip graduates with sound theory and professional skills in communication for service in journalistic media, corporate and development establishments and, academic institutions. The programme is tailored to suit professionals ready to take up leadership positions in the industry. This programme will address three key areas of specialization namely Print and Electronic Journalism, Development Communication, and Corporate Communications.
This programme seeks to critically problematise media and journalism issues whilst offering skills and knowledge required to address gaps in the media industry with high caliber graduates. The industry needs professionals who are specifically trained in specific journalism genres such as Pediatrics‗, Peace Journalism, Environmental Communication, investigative reporting and business journalism among others. In addition, the public relations field needs professionals who have board perspective and ready for graduate research and also work as company or institutional image experts.

Programme Objectives
The programme aims to provide graduates with skills in media management and practice, development communication, and corporate communication. The objectives of the programme are to:
i) Produce professionals capable of taking up leadership, management positions and providing services in communication-related areas;
ii) Develop graduates‗ ability to think critically, organize and present arguments and effectively strategize communication-related solutions;
iii) To provide graduates with skills to independently gather, analyze and evaluate data and information.

Admission Requirements
i) The Common university rules and regulations for Masters Degree Programme specified in the EgertonUniversity Statute shall be applicable;
ii) Candidates with Second Class (Upper division) Bachelors Degree in Journalism, Communication related disciplines from a recognized university;
iii) Candidates with second class (Lower division) Bachelor Degree in Journalism and related disciplines from a recognized university with at least two years relevant working experience;
iv) Holders of Bachelors Degree in any discipline with post graduate qualification in Journalism, Mass Media, Communication and related disciplines from a recognized institution shall be considered.

Course Structure and Duration
i) The JOMC programme will consist of course work, examination and a thesis or project;
ii) To be awarded the JOMC degree, a candidate must successfully complete thirty five and half (35.5) credit factors of course work, and in addition complete a thesis worth fifteen (15) credit factor or fifty four (54) credit factors of course work and research project which will consist of nine (9) credit factors;
iii) Full-time candidates shall take a minimum of eighteen (18) months and maximum of 36 months, and must register for a minimum of (9) credit factors per semester;
iv) Part- time candidates shall be registered for a maximum of four (4) academic years, and must register for a minimum of six (6) credit factors per semester; The course codes are four capital letters namely, JOMC which represents Journalism and Mass Communication, followed by the three digits;
v) First digit indicates a graduate level the course offered, i.e. 7 for JOMC courses;
vi) Second digit, indicate the nature of sub-discipline of the course within the discipline. Level 0-Core Course 1-Journalism 2-Development Communication. 3- Corporate Communication;
vii) Third digit indicates the sequencing of the course.

Examination Regulations
All examinations for the JOMC programme will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations as stipulated in the Egerton University Statute.

Grading System
The examination shall be graded on the basis of percentage marks and translated into letter grades as follows:- A – 70% and above B – 62% - 69% C – 50% - 59% F - 0%-49%

Graduation Requirements
To graduate, a candidate must pass all subjects he/she is enrolled for within the required period and abide by the common regulations governing the award of postgraduate, bachelors and diplomas of Egerton University.

Degree Classification
The Master of Journalism and Mass Communication degree will be awarded upon satisfactory completion and pass above 50% overall assessment.

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