Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree programme has been designed for students who wish to undertake degree studies across programmes/disciplines in the humanities and Social Sciences. It is specifically tailored to accord the students a wide range of opportunities in the job market. Graduands of the Bachelor of Arts degree programme may flexibly join diverse job ranks, both local and international. The various programmes offered in this programme prepares them to serve as community development officers, administrators, human rights activists, bankers, company executives, teachers, University lecturers and Professors, trade unionists, writers, and Political leaders, just to name but a few. Applicants into this Programme are advised to study across disciplines for the sake of the job market but they are also free to specialize in an y of the following degree programmes: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Religious Studies, English and Linguistics, Kiswahili, Sociology History or Economics
Programme Objectives
The objectives of the Bachelor of Arts degree program are:
i) To give students abroad based and multidisciplinary academic foundation;
ii) To offer students wide knowledge in the humanities and Social Sciences that is fairly sufficient to expose them to numerous job opportunities.
iii) To sharpen the studentsā€˜ social analytical skills to enable them participate in liberating peoples and communities from all forms of bondage.
iv) To train graduates who are able to teach, do research and handle social responsibilities in private and public enterprises.
Admission Requirements
i) All candidates admitted to the degree programme of Bachelor of Arts must satisfy the minimum entrance requirements stipulated in the common university entrance regulations;
ii) In addition, candidates MUST have passed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a minimum grade of Ct and above and satisfy programme specific requirements as would be advised by the relevant departments;
iii) Admission may be offered to outstanding diploma holders in social Sciences or those holding qualifications equivalent to the above from institutions
recognized by Egerton University Senate may also be admitted;
iv) Transfer of Credit Factors from the diploma programme or their equivalent may be considered and in such a case a credit transfer of a maximum of 30% of the curricular would be allowed for those who qualify based on the guidelines stipulated in the Egerton University
43.4 Course Structure and Duration
The Bachelor of Arts degree shall normally take a full time student four academic years each with two 17-week semesters and eight years for part time students. Each semester will comprise of fifteen (15) and two (2) weeks of teaching and examination respectively, during which full time students will register for a minimum of 18 CFs per semester and part time students for nine CFs per semester. The degree programme may be done in either of the following two options:
Option 1 (Major)
Option 2 (Minor)
In addition to the normal load of 18 CFs per a semester, students in this program would be required to take and pass four common core courses authorized by Egerton the University senate
Examination Regulations
All examinations for this programme will be conducted in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXVIII of the examination regulations as stipulated in the statutes of Egerton.
Grading system
The grading of examination for these programmes shall be conducted in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXVIII.
Graduation Requirements
To graduate a student shall be required to take and pass ALL scheduled courses within the stipulated period.
Degree Classification
Degree Classification shall be in accordance with Egerton University Statute XXVIII.